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    Making a giant custom image has been all the craze. Making giant custom ships, how about?

    Welcome to custom shipping 2.0 brought to you by Earthquake who is terrible at explaining instructions and prone to rambling about random stuff that may or not make sense or have anything to do with the tutorial. If you see anything wrong or weird or plain confusing, please help everyone by pointing it out.

    Step 1:
    draw something. Make your own ship if you want. I'm using a ship I downloaded from an outdated ship mod and fit into signs.

    Make sure everything on the inside of the ship fits into blocks or 8x8 pixles a block. You will be placing blocks for solid floors and walls. !!!:You don't actually need a space reserved for the walls; the custom images function as a third layer to background and foreground blocks. It is in the middleground! As long as you don't place blocks on your hand drier, the custom image is a middle ground. So you can make a fancy border and just put glass or invisible blocks on top of said border and it'll look very close to a vanilla ship's borders. Just put foreground blocks on top of custom signs and you'll get it.


    Example of finished blueprint of a ship: 


    The purple stuff will be the custom stuff. The red and black boxes is the inside, and don't forget you need a border of 1 block to be the walls.

    This was made back in the day where we used signs. So everything is a sign. Now you only need blocks.

    I have a shipyard art post on another forum and I'm not sure if I can advertise it's not really advertising is it? To link to another server's forum?


    Step 2: Understand this thing. Sha, I will rival your messiness c: and thank you c: OK I love the blank square in the middle c:      Some stuff you can't do (unless someone figures it out in that case I will edit this tutorial so if anyone can find a way it would be much appreciated)

    -make the object not on the bottom left corner

    -make entire image glow.

    -make custom object larger than 50blocks long / 50 blocks wide. without it going invisible from a distance

    -animations are done with signs only

    -overlapping of not base object parts -magnifying glass highlight


    Steppe 3
    : Did I mention the programs? Starcheat, photo editing, silverfeelin's pink thing, should be mentioned in Sha's post. You'll be making your first cut of the ship, transferring image to in game. Again, make sure the area you are cropping out of the gigantic ship photo is in 8x8 pixels dimension multiples. and not too big. So crop out something like this: [​IMG] which is just a recolored version of the purple. My hair dryer would be bottom left corner.

    put it in directive generator, and to starcheat.  Now as you try to fit 10000090 custom signs into that tiny color box, it won't fit. So you secondary click on the hand dryer, edit JSON, [​IMG]and put your directives after the color:"something.jpg[here]" [​IMG]like you would normally put it into the box but it's not the box it's raw JSON. Make sure there's a "replace;ffffffff=00000000" at the end of your pasted section to make sure it's really the end. I'm not sure how much text starcheat can handle.

    Don't forget to save your starcheat char and don't forget to make 5 or so hand driers just in case you misplace one because you'll. It's grammatically correct but conventionally incorrect but grammatically correct so don't edit this.

    4: go in sb. find your hair drier. Objects flip around as you place them, so on your first try like a USB port fitting, you might get a flipped custom image as you place. That's what the extra copies are for. Watch for the hair drier light or any other piece of asymmetrical thing on your not hair dryer. If the drier light is on the right, hopefully your drier is the bottom left 4 block corner of your custom image.[​IMG]  and if drier light is on the left, it's flipped. maybe.[​IMG]

    Step 5
    : make more signs. Be careful with the aligning of the signs. If you crop something that has lots of blank transparent space, that also counts as a sign space so you can use it to adjust. Again, one custom hair dryer can only reach 50 blocks away. More than that and the image may disappear at long distances. 

    To fit in an animated sign, just make room for it during the cropping. [​IMG]Like my ship. Flawless.

    Step 6: show your ship off. Also make a middleground background so you can be more like vanilla ships. and add more custom items in. recoloured items. custom teleporters. custom shops make your ship file really big and long to load in starcheat so don't. Don't put lots of custom items in your ship storage because that adds to file size and starcheat load time. And don't put animated items like torches and those shiplockers and if you want a 64 space locker then change something to 64. Make fridges 64. Really convenient. Make those 2 block wall lockers 64. infinite storage. But infinite storage is bad for file size. Only on a shipworld, though. Animation lags.

    -THERE'S a way to make object indestructible: in the JSON there's an 'unbreakable' true / false setting. set it to true, then break it very carefully by using this command:  
    "/entityeval object.smash()"

    Thanks for reading. Feel free to point out anything in the comments. Not pointing out things in the comments, put your point outs in the comments.
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    Ok. My thing broke and I have no idea how to fix it.