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    Forum name: crumchy

    Age: 8 and a half

    Country/Timezone: USA, CST

    Why do you want to be Staff?:

    I find it easier to help out and make the community a better and safer place when I am in an active position, otherwise I feel like I'm wasting people's time or am making mountains out of molehills. I want to help out new folk in feeling safe here so that we actually retain more users, too, since I see a lot of people come and go. Also, I've been told that I should be one, so that's cool.

    What skills can you bring to the staff team?:

    I have a powerful moral core and am attentive and conscious enough to quickly find and point out things that would probably be considered unacceptable. I have a decent grip on the ongoings of the community and can generally have my eyes on several things at once, if needed. I also think I'm very easy to talk to when it comes to looking for help, so I could easily be an "answering things for help" person with new members since I've heard from some that staff can occasionally be intimidating.

    What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?":

    Making the community kinder and safer for more kinds of people in a monitor type position would be my bread and butter.

    Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?:

    I've owned two, modded one. All of them were RP related.

    If so, where? What were your responsibilities?:

    One was a WoW RP hub server that is currently active but quiet, in which I co-owned and still have a part in vetting members so that the atmosphere remained clean of anything unsavory. One was a NITW centered RP which a few GC members have hung out in. I mostly managed other staff and handed out due punishments there. The last one was a Minecraft RP server where I spectated RP so that it remained within the server's rules.

    As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public; on the Forums, through the Discord, and on the Server. Though it is not mandatory to be on these three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?:

    Yes, I agree.

    For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen Discord server and to take full part in any voice meetings we may have in the Staff Discord, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?:

    I possess a microphone that is "very bad" according to my contemporaries

    What do you like about this community?:

    The people here are wonderful! I've stuck around for so long since lots of people have been very kind to me! There's a lot of activity that goes on, and very little of it is the type I wouldn't want to consort with.

    What areas would you like to receive help in should you become staff?

    Initiative, as well as when to take initiative. I'll probably need help knowing when it's a good idea to step in and when it isn't since I have a hard time reading between the lines. Everything below this post.

    What are your weaknesses?
    There's quite a few here so buckle up. I'm extremely polarized, and I'm stubborn. There's definitely people I've angered over the years through my commitment to what I think is right. Conversely, I'm particularly sensitive when it comes to what people think of me, and I am extremely invested emotionally in basically everything I touch. I don't like being told what to do out of the blue and without preparation. I don't mesh well with certain members of the server, mostly because of differences in moral ideology. I often have trouble being completely serious to my own detriment and have a bad humor filter. I also have poor focus when it comes to small-scale projects. I occasionally have to step away for a little while because I get pissed off.

    Galaxy Citizen Character name(s): Gossa Clover Thila Aurene Rabies Etc
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    I have no idea whether or not we still can share our own opinions about people, but I want to highlight something that you should be aware of.

    You tend to be overzealous and, more often than not, tend to be much too trigger happy with your decisions and responses when it comes to those situations. In my eyes, that is absolutely not a trait that someone in power should hold. It's not uncommon for you to duke it out with someone because of your personal views, and them clashing against them.

    By no means I'm saying you're a bad person. I just think you should work on some of those issues before you try to become staff.

    Do we still do this? Don't know. Still will do it.
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