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    Name: CRIMSONDIAMOND-170675-β
    Age: 26.
    Date of creation: 08/19/3261
    Race: Visitant
    Current residence: A small Visitant ship currently in orbit of Haven.
    Social status: Trying very hard.
    Financial standing: Crimson is paid regularly by the administration, the equivalent of a carbonlet's living wage.

    Accent (if any): Phonetic.
    Language spoken: Common, Visitant thought-speech.
    Style of speaking: Calm, level. Inquisitive inflections common.
    Volume of voice: Quiet, usually. Just loud enough to be heard clearly.

    Height: Varies.
    Weight: Varies.
    Faceplate: Crimson's faceplate is a crimson square, turned 45 degrees, with golden trace between the vertices in a cross pattern and a yellow dot at the meeting point of the trace.
    Typical proxy: Crimson can ordinarily be seen using a standard robe-like Visitant proxy.
    Is seen by others as: Inquisitive, curious, potentially intimidating.

    Likes: Information. Other sapient creatures of all kinds, so long as they are reasonable. Conversation.
    Dislikes: Solitude. Deception.
    Education: Crimson has been briefed on common realspacer species (anything in the core or minor species indices in the wiki), and is relatively well-versed in Visitant-specific knowledge.
    Fears: Very little.
    Personal goals: Learn everything they possibly can.
    General attitude: Inquisitive, curious. Cheery when engaged.
    Religious values: Like many Visitant, Crimson has a passive "worship" of the Administration due to the knowledge of those in charge.
    General intelligence: Extreme, and hampered only by their knowledge base.
    General sociability: Also extreme. Crimson enjoys conversation, and thrives when given a conversational partner.

    Energy level:
    Moderate, but steady.
    Eating habits: Visitant photosynthetic energy production.
    Memory: Reasonably well.

    Like many information-gatherer Visitant, Crimson was brought into being as an Alpha, then echelon-shifted to Beta for their current purpose. Crimson had never interacted with non-Visitant prior to arriving in the Fringe.

    Best friend(s):
    Love interest (if there is one):

    Peaceful or violent: Crimson avoids conflict as much as possible, but if pressed, will defend themselves.
    Weapon (if applicable): Crimson utilizes a lobster-like combat proxy (the same model made iconic by CIRCLEEYE) when they believe they are going into a dangerous scenario.
    Style of fighting: Crimson cannot feel pain, but due to their unarmed nature, Crimson has a difficult time in combat.

    Occupation: Visitant information-gatherer.
    Current home: A Visitant ship in orbit of Haven.
    Hobbies/past times: Crimson spends the majority of their time either conversing with carbonlets or researching miscellaneous things on the Nexus.
    Pet peeves: Crimson despises people who lie to them.
    Talents: Crimson has no known talents.
    Favorite colors: Crimson.

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