Coyote Syndicate

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    [ Coyote Syndicate ]


    [ "3ʇo-ʎ0ɔ" ]

    [ Mission Statement ]

    Our mission is to conduct what others believe immoral ways of earning a way of living.

    - Species Trafficking
    - Selling Slaves/Ransom Sells
    - Selling Offers/Deeds
    - Selling Drugs
    - Selling Species Meat, Organs and Limbs

    - Even Sell Yourself (Gladiatorial Events)

    We wish to cause mayhem in the Fringe, be the leading foundation of hell in Fringe, being paid to do immoral deeds that some may shake with just the sight of our work.

    [ Faction Description ]

    The year 3286, a man named Gerrette Jackson had created a small company, who did great deeds for people, ie: finding lost dogs, finding kidnapped people, busting trafficking, etc. and had gathered a good amount of people. He had control of the company, up until corruption and greed grew far in the blood of this company. This turned over on its back, growing darker and soon enough, Gerrette Jackson hanging himself through unknown reasons but some know the real reason. Instead of doing what they were meant to do as a company, they became what was feared, doing exactly what they hunted but got worse as the year combed over. Now, a man named "Plague Doctor" runs the company, strings were pulled and now, a Criminal Syndicate was created, early 3287. The Syndicate is now being funded by Caerian General, General Owen Ulr to keep up their work to "train" Military Police, and Investigators, but soon, get out of hand.

    The chain of Command of the Coyote Syndicate, there is a Grand Syndicate who has hands, the Syndicate Leaders who has fingers, the Grunts of the Syndicate. Identification is completely hidden, codenames, uniformed when working. Anyone who give out their identification, they would be hunted down, captured and used as, well, what wicked people want. The shares go like this: 15% to Grunts, 30% to Leaders, the rest go towards funding the Syndicate.

    [ Members ]

    Grand Syndicate - .exe#1337 ("Plague Doctor")

    Syndicate Leaders - ThatCabbage#4565 ("Princess")
    - PadLock#4242 ("RazzleDazzle")
    - PaniKruk#8591 ("D-D")

    Grunts - ZZ#7810 ("rat")
    - Z3R0#7764 ("Sleeping Dragon")
    - crumchy#0758 ("Sexy")

    [ Assets ]

    Owned Territories - Parts of Underground Caerian City
    OOCly funded by Caerian Colonial Government, via: General Ulr.

    [ Supplementary Information ]

    The only person who knows about them is General Ulr, as he merely created the Syndicate from the start, corrupting the company from the start, covered up the suicide of Gerrette Jackson. The reason why the MP's of CCR were not successful of finding the people who commit the crimes is that they were detailed, what the MP's would do, how they would do it, etc. There would be no trace.

    The only way anyone would be able to join the Syndicate is via messages strewn in the crimes. Decryption of these messages lead you closer. Though, if you wish to join, then you would need to create a new character if you/your character you want doesn't know the Decryption.

    Shopping for what is presented, using via Discord but is under another brand name, nexus/syndimarket. Available to everyone who seek it, or who have heard of the site.
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