Corporal Nomad

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    Character Name: Corporal Nomad, Bunker Boy of Purgatory, purgsoldier1
    Cause of Death: After engaging in an online Nexus flame war with TiberArms Tony on the basis that TiberArms sells communist items, purgsoldier1 was vaporized in a nuclear blast of hellfire that detonated from Tony's proxy body as he went nuclear, leveling the Wormway hotel and the surrounding city block.
    # of Previous Clones: 0
    Member Vouch: @WowGain Biscuit
    Character Sheet: None
    Cloning Method: purgsoldier1 was reincarnated as a phase matter ghost, having signed the rights to his soul and brainscan to Beelzebot in exchange for the robot devil's hat, and also to avoid taking Sergeant Jr's boot up his ass after provoking an AI to nuking a city block.
    Skills: Special operations, guns, gun cleaning, explosives, explosives defusing, drawing without using the color red, microwaving pizza, shitposting on the nexus (major skill)
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    I'll be giving this cloning app a pass.
    Minor memory loss includes the proper amount of time to microwave pizza, his future attempts met with lukewarmness or disgustingly molten rubber. He also forgets how to properly identify communists.