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    Comitium - Update 1

    The winds of a dead storm rolled over the disheveled streets of Olympus, near where the Loyalists had made their base at the fall of the Federation. Light raindrops fell, creating the smallest of puddles in the gravel-dirt that most of the ground consisted of. The scene was desolate, these walls and paths had stood eerily silent since the forces of the new order of Atlas blitzed them months prior, removing the seeds of dissent and anarchy in their wake.

    Insects were the only things that lived here now.

    The skyline, ever changing in this world, had fallen even more. Weekly, the echoes of gargantuan explosions ripped through the hidden nooks of the city, reminding all that change- good or bad- was coming. Dust fell from the corpses of the buildings as the mortar crumbled and the rebar corroded. Every day here started and ended exactly as the last.

    A single labor drone ambled its way across the unfavorable terrain, its mind no more active than the buildings. It’s precept was, simply, to stand. It did, broadcasting its location through its virtual mind, still none the wiser. Hundreds of miles above the drone, the chimeric space station that Atlas had left there hung in the void, the servers in this place carried the mind of the drone and the orders it was to receive after it had gotten into position. A single, medium-sized dropship disembarked from the station’s rack, falling toward the planet.

    The drone’s optics flashed white, it bent down and picked up a half of a cracked brick, walking it over to a spot inside of a broken building, and setting it down. It did it again, and again.A few minutes had passed and it had produced a small pile of rubble. The silence that hung over the city was broken by a loud crack, as the dropship completed its travel through the atmosphere, it knew where the drone was. In a few minutes, the craft was upon the drone, touching down on the muggy soil. The back of the craft slid open, revealing palettes of marble brick and a number of copies made of that exact drone.

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