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    Tyree's Combat RP Guide!

    ((Since he's no longer around I'm posting it.))

    [/b]1. Starting with a combat intensive character while being new to RP.[/b]

    [/b]2. Consent.[/b]

    [/b]3. One liners.[/b]

    [/b]4. Metagaming and Powergaming[/b]

    [/b]5. Organized RP[/b]

    [/b]6. Suddenly escaping from a losing RP fight by beaming away.[/b]

    [/b]7. General RP.[/b]

    (( The guide is based on my personal opinion. RP is vague and people may have different style roleplaying, but I think most people would agree with this. ))

    This is my guide to having a successful RP fight/group event without much confusion and headaches. I'm going to be using some tips that may or may not be mentioned in other guides. And also, I will give you some of my insights for non-combat RP. So lets dive right in, shall we? [​IMG]


    [/b]1. Starting with a combat intensive character while being new to RP.[/b]

    I've seen many times before that people started off with a character that is focused solely on combat to stir up trouble, and ended up being voided, ignored, and even reported due to powergaming or metagaming. I highly recommend RPing as a passive character and have them interact with others non-violently until you have a better grasp roleplaying. When I first got started on GC, I stayed away from fights because I wasn't sure how to go about it if I just so happens to get into one. But over time, I've gained a lot of experience from watching veterans roleplay. (Mostly from Azriel and Drezdin back then. :3)


    [/b]2. Consent.[/b]

    Please remember the rules of consent. If your character is being the aggressor, and they are planning to kill/permanently harm an innocent character, be sure to ask for consent OOCLY if that is okay. Discussing things OOCLY with all parties involved is always a good idea since you can see if everybody is happy with the outcome without hopefully having an altercation. However, if you have your character causing fights, shooting people, or being violent in any sort of way, you'll lose your consent, so please don't use it as a safeguard to prevent people from having your character maimed or killed, which is very unsportsmanlike, so please  don't say,"Please don't kill me." and take the punishment equal to the havoc your character had caused. And also, be sure to ask OOCLY if you may have your character get involved in the fight or do anything that will affect them.

    Remember. If you don't want your character to take any punishments, then don't roleplay as shady characters, especially dark and edgy ones.


    [/b]3. One liners.[/b]

    I can't stress this out enough. Don't use one liners in combat RP. Typing,*Attempts to punch in the face.* is not enough detail to have a good response and can make RP harder and less interesting for others. It's very important to be as clear, specific, and detailed as possible. Here's an example. *James reels back his right arm all the way back until it reaches near the back of his head, then launches his balled fist towards Bob's left cheek for a powerful hook.* You don't have to do paragraphs like me, but doing at least 2-3 sentences would be sufficient.


    [/b]4. Metagaming and Powergaming.[/b]

    Okay, now. Everybody should know what Powergaming and Metagaming is, but here's a refresher.

    Powergaming is when you force your action upon someone else, so always attempt your actions towards another character and be sure to have a balance character for combat. Your character can't have big bulky armor, and still somehow to be nimble as a ninja. Give your character weaknesses, it's no fun fighting against a character who is perfect and can't be countered.

    Metagaming is when you use OOC knowledge and apply it to your character IC. The one thing I want people to be aware about is how your character approach people, and RP fights. If a fight is happening in the sewer of Margury, far away where your character is located, don't have your character to suddenly go into the sewers. What is your character's reasoning for entering such a disgusting place? And the Roleplayers has every right to void your character.


    [/b]5. Organized RP.[/b]

    This section refers  to the 'Consent' portion of the guide quite a bit, but I think that it really needs to be touched on. Whenever a fight happens, sometimes many people will pile up together and partake in it even though it has nothing to do with their characters. This mostly leads to a messy RP and people either arguing or voiding the entire fight. I think the best way to avoid a clusterf***, is by being more organized in RP. Everybody will give the other time to respond and take turns posting instead of everyone at once.



    [/b]6. Suddenly, trying to escape from a losing RP fight by beaming away or disconnecting. [/b]

    DO NOT beam away from a fight without roleplaying it out. Running out in the open and beaming away is a surefire way of getting a bad reputation, and reported. This is considered powergaming as well.

    If the player is on the verge of death or suffering an injury disconnected, then the other player may decide their character's fate, though I recommend discussing this first. Please be reasonable, and compromise of what kind of injuries inflicted on the character, or resume the roleplay for another time.


    [/b]7. General RP.[/b]

    Here are some extra useful tips.

    When you want to make a response to an action of some characters made and you don't have time to write a paragraph before another person post something. Say,(( "Hold up, I have a response." )) They should listen to you and pause the RP so you can respond. ( It's like using an instant spell from magic the gathering. :3 )

    Don't make multiple action posts like this. *Takes out a gun.* *Aims gun at Bob.* Put it all in one post so people don't have to stop and modify the post.

    When in a heated situation, whether your character is arguing with someone or preparing to get into a fist fight, be sure to state your character movements in every post, people may want to react to your character moving to a certain point. ((I recommend to use this tip always, get a good habit of using it as you will always give people a chance to respond to that. ))


    I want to hear what you guys have to say in the comments. I'm willing to do some editing and update this guide every once in a while. I hope by reading this guide, you will improve greatly and become a better Roleplayer.