Cloning and You!

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    Uh oh! It looks like you died! Now what are you going to do? Nothing anymore, because you’re dead. But wait, cloning technology has advanced in the last 1200 years! We can store memories digitally at hospitals, flash clone and clone entire people identically to how they looked and behaved before! It’s just a matter of figuring out how you want to come back! Depending on your circumstances, you have a variety of options!

    Flash Cloning
    Not ideal. A clone is created in a matter of a few hours, and a brainscan is inserted into it. This results in the memories and personality being put into a rather atrophied and underdeveloped body, and in a very confused state from being so immediately cloned into existence with all of those factors. Flash clones are often hairless, wheelchair-bound and hooked up to medical machines until their body finally strengthens. Takes a while to return to normal life, plus all of the later factors in play from normal cloning down below after the atrophied clone is fully developed.

    • Very sickly. Likely needs to be kept in isolation and heavily medicated

    • Very fragile and frail, as bones and flesh are still being developed passively

    • Atrophied muscles, also still in development. Quite physically weak

    • Takes overall longer to recover from

    • Will come back with some memories, but in a very confused state

    • Emotions and personality not fully reformed, as brain is still adjusting– but still more conscious than in buffering

    • Body is squishy, like silly putty. Bones are soft and malleable

    • Stuck in recovery for five days, after which they are like a normal clone

    • Gene therapy recovery period can still take at least two months

    A brainscan is implemented into a simple program that simulates the patient’s consciousness to a very limited extent. They’re conscious, kind of. Buffered patients can’t focus on complex tasks and don’t have a fully intact memory. They might not respond to grieving relatives properly, and a lot of their personality is missing. The parts of the brain that control complex motion cannot be simulated, limiting the buffered patient to simple computers on wheels. They’re alive, but only barely.

    Once the organic body is ready, the buffering program is terminated and they’re implemented into the more permanent body, where consciousness returns to normal.

    If the individual wishes, instead of an organic body, a more personalized program may be configured to bring the patient back as an AI instead. It takes the same amount of time to prepare.

    • Constantly in a dream-like state

    • Memories are fragmented

    • Mind runs slowly, and there is a difficulty focusing on complex tasks

    • Mobility is limited, either stuck in a simple drone or an immobile computer

    • Personality not fully formed

    • Limited emotional response, or stuck in same emotional state as during last brainscan (ex. Perpetually calm if was calm during brainscan)

    • Novakids can be buffered too, with similar results

    Normal Cloning
    A person dies and is brought back after about three days with the vast majority of their memories and other features intact using a past brainscan, but still not strictly “perfect”. These imperfections though can be worked through given time, and most if not all drawbacks resulting from cloning (save for emotional problems dependent on the person) will be gone within a period of two months, from memories to genetic integrity. This is done through a biological genetic therapy process, often kickstarted by a hospital with access to a person’s genetic code. This process happens passively, as a person goes about their regular day-to-day routines. If someone dies a second time before this process is completed over the course of around two months, the drawbacks on the next clone will be somewhat more severe, and take more time, and more effort, to overcome.

    • Takes around three days to prepare

    • Some mild drawbacks that are sometimes not very noticeable, and can be recovered from over time, usually independently

    • Overall stable, and just about perfectly identical after recovery period (two+ months)

    How does it work for Novakids and Synths?
    If a synthetic lifeform is cloned, a lot of focus is put onto the integrity of their memory as opposed to anything genetic, for lack of anything genetic. An android will need time to, sometimes manually, go through a sort of ‘defragging’ process to cut out or reconnect certain fragments of memory over the course of a similar amount of time to an organic who had recently died, in order to repair any errors or incorrect connections in their memory. In the case of a Novakid, a process will need to be kickstarted to repair their cloning symptoms over time by repairing the microscopic structure of their brand to perfection, typically using a cast of some sort fitted around their brand, combined with the heat of their own plasma to shape it in such a fine manner.

    Cloning Application Template

    Other Rules
    In doing all of this, on the same note, we as staff decided that for the sake of encouraging player participation, we are rescinding the previous cloning limitation in exchange for the above consequences. We will be watching to ensure that cloning as a consequence is still taken seriously on an In-Character basis. New rules we have added to supplement this change however, include:

    1. As stated above, dying during a character's recovery period will set them back further and be more difficult to recover from over a longer span of time, causing more major mutations among other issues that will require regular medical attention.

    2. Dying after your second cloning during the recovery period will yield a chance for a permanent death. Chances become higher with each death.

    3. Recovery periods, given they vary, are typically going to be obtained through estimates revealed through IC interaction with 'doctor' characters, as regular appointments to medical facilities are going to be required at least on an In-Character basis. Should this RP for some reason not be possible at a given time, summarizing or simply giving the time OOCly can be done instead.
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