Clint 'Olympic' Ardzasch

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    General Information

    First name: Clint

    Middle name(s): Olympic

    Surname: Ardzasch

    Age: 27

    Date of birth: 12 April 

    Race: Organic Human

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Current residence: Drifter

    Relationship status: Single

    Social status: Okay? I don't keep track of that shit.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Used to have Western-American, now Imperial English

    Language spoken: Galactic Common

    Other languages known: Galactic Russian, Homeworld Common

    Style of speaking: Concise and Paused

    Volume of voice: Tolerable

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 168 lbs

    Eye colour: Pale Blue

    Skin colour: White, slightly tanned 

    Shape of face: Masculine

    Distinguishing features: Usually sporting a Pompdour, some light scarring under left eye and cheeks

    Build of body: Built and Defined, if a little malnourished  

    Hair colour: Dark Turquoise/Grey

    Hair style: Pompadour

    Complexion: Calm, annoyed at times

    Posture: Solid

    Tattoos: Large tribal-like back tattoo covering lower back, with words in Tarsusian

    Piercings: None

    Typical clothing: Jacket w/ undershirt, dress pants and small scarf.

    Is seen by others as: Relaxed and Collected


    Likes: Fine Liquor, Women, Relaxing, Doing Good, Vintage Music

    Dislikes: Rude People, Know-it-alls, Electronic Music

    Education: Tarsus Standard School

    Fears: Letting go, Being alone

    Personal goals: Do some good in the Fringe, Make Friends

    General attitude: Collected, Laid-back

    Religious values: None

    General intelligence: High

    General sociability: High


    Illnesses (if any): None

    Allergies (if any): None

    Sleeping habits: Slight Trouble falling asleep

    Energy level: High, though he has trouble motivational-wise.

    Eating habits: Not very good

    Memory: Several inconsistencies and gaps in memory have caused permanent short- and long-term memory complications, but has thus far been able to work around them.

    Any unhealthy habits: Drinking, Smoking


    Birth country: The world they call Tarsus. The country didn't really have a name, but it was resting ontop of a borderline-deathworld shithole. Attacks and raids from the jungle's hostile-to-humanity fauna were common, and only a few countries, called 'Safe Sectors' remained after the collapse of Earth.

    Hometown: Himalton, a border town that saw the highest number of attacks ever recorded.

    Past places of residence: Tarsus, Shipbound

    History of family: Clint's family were esteemed scientists and philosophers within Civ-space that only wanted the best for those around them, but were soon vilified for misunderstandings regarding ethical procedure, fleeing to the jungle world of Tarsus to finish their research in peace.

    Briefly (or not) explain life story: Born on the unforgiving jungle world of Tarsus, he spent his entire childhood growing up around things that killed men twice his size.He soon learned from a very young age to live without food or drinking water for long periods of time, as his homeworld was low in food supply due to murderous fauna. His father, Darmon Ardzasch, was a renowned memory scientist recently made a widow, studying in the bordertown of Himalton away from the ethics and prying eyes of Civspace. As was required of the Sector junta, he was enrolled in Standard School, learning all he knows about weaponry handling and survival knife handling, among other things. Late into his student term, he caught the eye of a one Augustus, an aspiring posse leader.


    After having graduated, he kidnapped both Clint and his father, forcing his father to conduct memory-altering experiments, which permanently altered his perception for the worse, believeing his father abandoned him long ago and that Augustus' gang was the only salvation from a hostile and unforgiving world. Having no reason not to buy into the narrative Augustus engineered for him, he joined the gang following the permanent imprisonment of his father. More than a decade of his life later lost to the endless expanse of the Jungle, committing heinous crimes in unknowing pursuit of Augustus' goal to become the Sector governor by attrition. Soon, however, even he grew tired of an existence devoid of feeling, fragments of his altered past conflicting with old ones. Confusion turning to anger, he began to try and distance himself from the posse he was forced to call family. This is where he met Odin Vinkitt, a lowly vinecutter working to make ends meet. The two quickly became fast friends, though more out of pity from Odin's end than anything else. From him he learned all he knows about proper social skills, as well as everything else that wasn't holding a gun. Odin desired something more from his meager living, aspiring to travel the stars and make a name of himself, attempting to convince Clint to do the same. However, Clint's gang soon caught up with him, forcing him to remain on the planet longer as Odin left by himself. Eventually, Odin arranged a 3rd party to retrieve him, much to his posse's dismay.


    Parents:  Darmon Ardzasch, Ismerella Ardzasch (Dead, bitten by venomous lizard)

    Siblings: Feginard Ardzasch (Dead, eaten by giant salamander)

    Any enemies (and why): Augustus Werrahd

    Children: None

    Friends: Odin, Archer, Mairenn & Murphy, Addison, Radec Kardan, Yacke, Aegis Johnson

    Best friend(s): Odin

    Important friends/relatives (explain): Darmon Ardzasch, taught him all about ancient Earth culture, and is the reason why Clint still has a Pompadour.

    Love interest (if there is one): Amanda Uilinert (Dead),


    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful

    Weapon (if applicable): Hand-to-hand, Baton, Small Arms/Heavy Arms

    Style of fighting: In his time in the Fringe, he has lost many scuffles and conflicts to his usually brash approach to combat, some of which nearly costing his life. Recently, with a lot of time on his hands, he has since had time to refine his approach towards conflict, which is not to engage in conflict actively. To become fluid, like water, to change form from a receding wave to a crushing torrent in a mere moment.


    Occupation: UACP Police Officer, Roscommon Engineer, KK Warden, Independant Benefactor, ATLAS Corp. Asset Protection

    Current home: Drifting

    Favourite types of food: Anything hot and solid

    Favourite types of drink: Fine Whiskey or Wine

    Hobbies/past times: Shooting the Shit, enjoying good shows, talking

    Guilty pleasures: Drinking, enjoying exotic shows

    Pet peeves: Non-sociable people, lying

    Pets: None

    Talents: Taste for Music, Some musical instrument experience, weapons

    Favourite colours: Green, Red, Blue

    Favourite type of music: Vintage Blues/Soul Records, Opera,