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    When I first created her back in mid/late 2015 (the Outpost Bar era), Sydney Jones had no particular inspiration or vision beyond just being a generic, blank-slate human. Her name was randomly generated by Starbound itself and she wore only starter clothing for the most part. Her most distinctive traits, like her goggles and bastardized British/Australian accent, kind of just happened on a whim as far as I can remember. Even her backstory was (and remains) bare-bones as hell -- the child of Earthfall refugees who grew up on a backwater dustbowl planet -- and it was probably invented on the spot the moment someone asked about it.

    The main reason for this is that Sydney was simply intended to be an alt to an older character -- a means to sneak away and do stuff without getting badgered by my friends of the time, who were fairly tight-knit and preferred to congregate separately from the rest of the server's population. After that circle of friends collectively left Galaxy Citizen entirely to pursue other roleplaying stuff, Sydney became my main GC character.

    She didn't mature into her most recognizable form until the late-2016 Roji period, where she first picked up her more familiar traits of hot temper and idealism and started getting into verbal confrontations. I remember it was a very impulsive and abrupt character shift, born from my dissatisfaction with the server's grim and apathetic tone around that time. Characters like Syed al-Quresh, while they earned my respect later, ran fairly roughshod over the rest of the community and I had gotten kind of weary of the way everybody else kind of just sat around and watched whenever bullshit happened, so I threw Sydney in to make a nonviolent fuss and draw some attention to it. While it led to some great RP moments and made Sydney a Person of Interest to the server at large, it also led to a lot of stress and numerous bad decisions down the line -- I've honestly been trying to dial back that part of Sydney's character, since returning to the community.

    Now... how about the inspirations behind Diana Cilvay, @that_cabbage?
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    True Origins:
    That is a hard thing to answer because Diana has gone through many very different phases. The very first iteration of the character was a randomized floran called 'Test 19923' with some apex clothes I cheated myself in after learning Starbound had mods, and beaming down after joining Boundstar.

    I just started building on the main hub, helped make a little vineyard with a cozy little shack, and I got the attention of staff at the time who informed me this was a RP server and that they liked my builds and wanted to see more or whatever.

    That Diana was given a name soon after by another player I am still great friends with to this day and her life was almost as rocky and madness inducing as her life on GC.

    She was made on a whim because I needed a player file to build stuff and I loved florans but also loved the apex aesthetics.

    Start on GC:

    Her rebirth as Diana Cilvay was not so much a rebirth. When I first joined GC in 2014-ish I was still mainly a Boundstar player, going back and forth depending on a whim. I still wanted the two entities and the two universes to be separate so I made Diana on GC- Diana Plante, because I was very subtle and imaginative.

    I came up with a modified version of her backstory, threw myself out there, got roped in with some bad people ic and ooc and nearly got permabanned a day in for going along with something I thought was par for the course at the time given the reputation the server had of being very combat and romance focused.

    I was shown mercy for being a very stupid kid and got told to read the rules and to be more firm out of character with people and call upon staff if people kept powergaming, metagaming, or RPing topics I wasn't comfortable with.

    So: my inspiration at the time? I suppose little red riding hood and various aspects of the character from the other server.

    Tribal Era:

    In an attempt to 'cast off' her miniknog brainwashing, some friends tried to get Diana to go feral once more. It ended poorly as her tribe was massacred by an OP robot bitch and she could do little to stop her with a stone knife and some traditional medicine.

    The inspiration: A return to nature philosophy, anarcho-primitivism, regression, exploration of the beast within.

    Slave Era:

    Without purpose, she gets roped in with some penguins, made to defend a scrapyard, wear humiliating clothes to 'promote' the place, and finally almost dies during a firefight, after which she abandons her job and find herself in the hands of the TSC.

    The inspiration: Classism, Purpose, Brainwashing, Wage-Slavery, Loss of Innocence

    Science Contractor Era:

    Without purpose, she gets roped in with some mercenaries who appreciate her knowledge accrued over time working alongside the miniknogs as a lab assistant and task her with making them genetically engineered soldiers to fight their battles and enjoy their work so much they would not seek other employment or try to leave. She applies what she learned about her own brainwashing and her own conditioning to make Spartan-IIs Lite. Then some russian pirates blow out her kneecaps and drag her off somewhere remote for a while.

    The inspiration: Science-Fiction, Halo, Dr Halsey, Crispr, Cloning, me learning genetics in school for the first time ever, Loss of Innocence II Sadistic Boogaloo.

    Broken Era:

    After being rescued by her engineered children and giving away her biological offspring to someone more capable and less traumatized, Diana would slowly grow restless and unhinged despite her best efforts to resume her work and be normal again. All of the trauma, brainwashing, uncertainty within her would surge as she would eventually stage a coup of the ship she worked on, driving away her colleagues, her mercenary friends, and her children. She would then throw her newly acquired ship into hyperspace, getting away from everything and everyone.

    The inspiration:
    I wasn't in the best of spirits at the time and a was watching a lot of venting content.

    Realizing everybody was out to get her and abuse her, realizing that none of her friends or family could protect her against the people lurking out there, she took it upon herself to never rely on anyone for anything ever again. She studied all she could from the TSC archives, she used their equipment to jumpstart a cloning program, first of perfect clones, then of faulty ones, for she feared they would hate her as much as she hated herself and would strike her down. Paranoid, totalitarian, she became the very thing she had risked her life to escape. But now: she was the one in control. Mad with power, she would still stick to the shadows, terrified of what lied beyond safe space.

    The inspiration: Laziness, I didn't want to make a billion different character models on SB which was pretty unstable at the time with limited modding tools. I was also inspired by Ava's Demon for some of the medical procedures, the Sophons and Horatio from Endless Space 2, The Romulan Star Empire from Star-Trek.

    Unleashed Era:
    After losing her power, her fleets, her people, her friends, Diana would go into exile for a year, tending to her indoor garden and seeking to find inner peace.

    She didn't. Plagued by thoughts of suicide and guilt, she would try her luck in the Undercrypt, deciding that she would either die down there or at least have something to show for her troubles if she made it back.

    What she found down there were people she came to respect greatly and even love, despite her marriage years prior making any serious romantic pursuits impossible if she wished to keep her legs intact upon returning home.
    She was reinvigorated, she had a newfound joy for life which at least made her appreciate the little things, the small moments spent with friends.

    The inspiration: Blame Zecon, Quazerty, and Pankruk. Also Made in Abyss and Gurren Lagann

    Nightmare Era:
    Pretty much right now, everything is fucked, there is only pain and sadness, everyone she knows and loves keeps getting hurt or dies around her.

    The inspiration: D-FENS from Falling Down, Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder, Bondrewd did nothing wrong, and Literally Hitler

    Now, @Kodakazi and @Quazwerty456, what were the inspirations behind Xander and Robin (before they died lol)

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    I had literally no inspiration for who or what Xander was when I first made him. I joined a long time after I stopped playing Frontier, which I played for a bit, but not extensively. It was suggested to me by my friend, Alxetora (Yacke), so I made a character to be almost a direct counterpart to their character, just to give me a crutch on actually getting involved in the server. As time went on, he became more independent, and I started having ideas for who he was and what I wanted him to be, although even to this day, all of my ideas get jumbled together or never see the light of day due to differing circumstances.

    I tried to base his personality around someone like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, someone who looks like they should fit into the role they've taken, but are inevitably broken by the world around them, until they become a perfect fit for their surroundings. I've always made it a point to make Xander emotionally weak and susceptible to things like stress, pressure, or manipulation. My end goal with Xander was for him to start off as some innocent rookie in the Fringe, and end up becoming someone different, corrupted and broken. Someone who can stand toe to toe with people that he was once, and should be intimidated by.

    Xander's death, although it was pretty upsetting at first, was probably the best thing to happen to me in terms of character writing, since now I have more time to actually think up and plan out who he will become once he returns, and actually do it right. The last thing I want is to flub something like this, especially when it's something that could make or break my character.

    I know this probably sounded like inane rambling, but, with the help of others, if they so desire, I want Xander to be a fun character to be around, and one I'm satisfied with playing on a regular basis again. I'm going to keep trying to improve, even with what little free time I have left given my insane work schedule nowadays. Maybe one day I can give a definitive answer to who or what inspired him, but as it stands, he's going wherever the wind takes him in terms of character development and inspiration.

    @SilverGallium tell me about caleb you fuck
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    I haven't been tagged. I'm also talking about multiple characters, because they all follow the same theme. I don't care.

    Most of my characters are facets or representations of me. Dox is my fear of death, and my drive for immortality. Like me, she fears eventually dying, she fears the ticking clock. Unlike me... she has the means to stop the clock, or extend it indefinitely. She's also the closest to me overall, in her overarching personality and values.

    Aria is my struggle with emotion and social interaction, as well as an excuse to flex my vocabulary a bit. She has emotions, sure - but she doesn't understand them, doesn't know how to cope with them. She struggles with finding friends, because of how abrasive she can be - but never means to be so abrasive. She cares, but has a hard time showing it.

    Ry's similar to Dox, but she more represents my obsessive nature than Dox does. When I get involved with something, it consumes my every waking moment. Either I'm doing that, or I'm bored. That's Ry. Her one interest is firearms, and firearms production. If she isn't doing that, talking about that, immersing herself in that, she's brain-dead bored.

    Crimson's my drive to learn. They're a representation of my curiosity about the world. They have very little knowledge, but a ton of drive and capacity to learn. Crimson's also a representation of how naive I can be, how little I truly know outside of my own bubble. I can tell you how to apply directives to an item in Starbound - I can't tell you how to do your taxes.

    Akra's just a fun project, an exercise in both Novakid physiology and Floran culture. That might change one day.

    Kianla's meaningless. She's a puppet, to fill in Dox's position on Renaize when Dox is doing something Dox-related.

    Shinju doesn't mean anything either, because she had no time to be fleshed out.

    @Ryanatorx Abdul. He's neat.
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    Abdul is inspired by Father Sandoz from the book The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, one of my professors, and a relatively recently grown appreciation for faith and it's utilities. His purpose is so that I can play a medical character, which is something I've wanted to do for a while with various false-starts, so that I can explore the existential crisis of having faith in the face of situations which spit on it, and so that I can explore adapting faith in a pragmatic, non-literal way. After all, he's a man from the Caliphate who fled after seeing the Caliph transform into a monster, and everything he once trusted fall apart. His faith is a small part of him that remains when everything else changed.

    "You will change beyond all understanding, but something of you will remain."

    He's high-effort but fun to play. There are other themes I'm interested in seeing out with the character, but I wouldn't want to offer any spoilers.

    @Alias Tell us about Kristina!
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    Kristina originated from an unrelated RP medium back in... oh, 2013 era? It was a forum PBP based around a space colony, and was the first character I designed for a non-D&D RP. I decided to initially play as a university student, the child of one of the offscreen research scientists in the colony, working in the town store as a sort of semi-NPC in order to make the PCs feel like they were in a world where their actions affected regular, everyday townspeople. It was a lot of fun, and got much more traction than I expected! Sadly, the site shut down not long after I began playing and the idea took a brief reprieve.

    Fast forward to December 2014, there's a fun game out that a friend backed on Kickstarter and they want to share it. I spotted a small German RP server and joined on a whim, reintroducing the old character with a couple added twists and a Starbound lore-faithful justification for leaving a settled life with no way of returning; Floran marauders and a stay in one of their prisons. I intentionally kept the backstory vague at first, as I wanted to be sure my half-baked ideas made sense before setting them in stone, but I had already drawn some inspiration from a couple pieces of media: Winry Rockbell from the popular manga Fullmetal Alchemist, a rugged aesthetic to mechanical prosthesis from the same series, Kaylee Frye from Firefly (a series that informed my early takes on what sci-fi should look like), and the familiar blunders made by a teenager starting out in an RP setting of making a lone survivor with a dark secret. I set out wanting to explore themes based on personal loss, rebuilding from nothing, and figured that once I had some practice in I'd scrap the character and start over with new knowledge and build someone better. Over the years she's collected much more depth, inspiration, and characterization, as well as being changed due to migrations between servers.

    After a couple years I ended up moving to GC and took the opportunity to do some redesigns, taking into account new lore. I was a fan of my last server's "absolutely no cloning" policy, and on seeing that five clones were allowed I decided to have this character be the last. That was the touchstone for much of the final backstory, as I couldn't think of any reason an armed, augmented young woman in her mid-twenties would have died five times without being an idiot or incredibly unlucky, and decided to make Kristina a member of a set of dynastic clones - repeatedly having the thoughts and memories of past lives imprinted in a younger version of the original. Past that point, the themes I wanted to run with clicked into place with historical events very well, as well as the lore of brain scans deteriorating over time. This led to a lot of questions I began to explore related to cloning: Is a clone responsible for the things it's predecessors did? Is it possible for a clone of an individual to be a different person? What is moral in the post-cloning world? Is there such a thing as a soul, and if so does it contribute to a person's mentality?

    Through the years, it's made IC sense to explore a lot of other themes that have ultimately led in intriguing directions: Transhumanism, what it means to be a conscious mind, post-traumatic stress and how it can have far-reaching effects, substance abuse and the stigma around it, and more recently the effects of prolonged isolation on depression and mental health. I've continued to draw themes from applicable sources, obscure webfiction, history repeating itself, and adding character traits as makes sense given the long and storied history of the character. Some more modern inspirations without context as to which traits they influenced: Dr. Tannis of Borderlands fame, GLaDOS from Portal, Eilonwy from The Chronicles of Prydain, Entrapta from the modern reboot of She-Ra, and Laughing Octopus from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

    It's your turn, Aella! @PadLock
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    Aella is actually quite old, or at least the character in concept. She originates from way back, probably a little after the time remnants were first coming out, and under a different name then. I forget it then, but that version isn't relevant to the current rendition.

    The second one was created after the first thaniifarri rework, gaining a much more human like appearance. The classic grey skin, yellow eyes, etc. This is when i first picked up the name Aella. Beyond a name and a design, she was a fairly flat character that i dropped about as quickly as i had made her.

    The modern day Aella comes post- second and mid third rework of the remnants. She served a lot of purposes this time! The initial inspiriation was Hardspace: Shipbreaker, myself for many of her personality traits, and pjrgatory for much of her backround and life. I modeled her very much to be an almost "standard" purgatorian citizen. Working class with military training, and just a little bit unhinged.

    Over time she has grown past her initial inspiriations, but mostly drawing upon my own life experiences with being trans to explore a few aspects of her story so far. It doesnt always translate, but it works out for the most part.

    You. @Teldrassil . Lorette. Now.
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    It's kind of hard to talk about what Caleb's "inspiration" was, or is. No real one singular thing or idea is behind why the way he is, since he's really just a huge long-running amalgamation of various ideas I've had over the years that I've used him to try out (albeit while still being a unique and noteworthy character in his own right). That wasn't all the case, but it's been since I got serious about my writing in any capacity. Honestly, I'd go as far as to say that his biggest sources of inspiration have been from other GC characters and even members, how I've shaped him and how he's changed over the years. And he's had six of those so far to his OOC lifespan, being my first character that I still play today on a regular basis.

    Thing about that though - and why I haven't gotten burned out on him - is that even though Caleb "himself" has been around since 2014, he's changed a ton since then, and multiple times at that. Goes through a radical shift in personality or identity almost once a year just because of how he acts and the situations he gets into. 2014 "Monstro" went through a lot of changes to end up as 2020 Caleb; just as he's been broken down and built back up time and time again in various ways, how I write and where I get my inspiration keeps shifting around. Caleb always gets a new coat of paint from time to time to keep things fresh - hence how I've been playing him for over half a decade straight without going insane - but with the ultimate core of what makes him himself intact, even if said core also changes around a little. I see something in a game or TV, mull it over in my head, thinking about if that would fit on a character, what on, if it'd be cool to portray, fun for others to interact with... and I never ever write it down, whatever or whoever it is, because I'm dumb and absent-minded like that. I should really stop relying on winging stuff so much, but anyways...

    Compared to now though, I'll give you that Caleb's inspirations were more pronounced back in the early days... which resulted in him being more shallow, since how said inspirations shaped him were both more blatant and more-poorly executed. Think of if you crossed the TF2 Engineer with Cayde-6, that talks like a poorly-written MCU character, with a juvenile and unintentionally-edgy sense of humor. With a (nick)name lifted from a Binding of Isaac boss just because it sounded cool. Yeah, early Caleb sucked, but it was fine that he did - everyone sucked back then. Now, Caleb sucks... less. Sources of inspiration are more subtle, and tend to be more grounded, more tastefully chosen, to say nothing of how far (I think) my writing skill has come since.

    Not really the case for his clones, though, or at least half of them. Cipher and Elijah lift a lot of their identity from less grounded sources. Of course, this is actually on purpose, since they're less-grounded people and characters who do more "fun" things, compared to Caleb, who just wants a quiet life. For example, Cipher maintains old Caleb's whole, typical "southern-fried genius" schtick of being a Texan- or at least cowboy-styled character whose also a brilliant machinist, with the added inspiration of Dante from Devil May Cry in terms of attitude, behavior and moral compass, but with the twist that he's introverted, antisocial and awkward due to having suffered from "cloning blues", so despite being the fun-kind-of-crazy and a showoff at heart, he never gets to show it. Elijah... is a new enough character in relation to how much I've shown him off that I don't want to say much yet. Really, most people that'll read this probably won't know who either are, which I aim to fix. ...Eventually.

    oh uh now I'm supposed to tag someone... I'll do lots of someones

    hey @Quazwerty456 2 people have asked about robin now this is 3
    @zirconzz obviously I know why emiko is the way she is now but where did she come from and why'd you make her, what inspired you
    @Ryanatorx tell us the story of xex I always thought she was interesting to watch
    @Slither same thing for Naokii, I feel like not enough people talk about him
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    Original inspiration for Xex? That was my starbound survival character. My second one, since the OG got killed in a wipe. Early days I was just making shit up as I went. Bartender because it made interacting with people easy- I didn't need an excuse. As a result, early Xex has my personality but is more deranged, for comic effect. Her backstory was as edgy as you would expect when someone as young as I was was writing it. I remember a MGSV trailer was particularly influential on that, which isn't really a good thing. I've ret-conned a lot of that background, keeping the same concepts but making it less garbage. Still a bit edgy, but she has the realistic response to extreme trauma of 'not wanting to talk about it ever to anyone' and just trying her hardest not to think about it.

    Now, that same general idea of 'me but more deranged' for her personality, but she's developed a lot of the years and outside of humor, she's very different. Her political ideology and perceptions of power formed out of IC experiences, though they've doubtless been shaped by my OOC philosophy education. In particular, her experiences being the 'advisor' to the Viti and filling a similar, though less exclusive, role to the Caliph, as well as witnessing a failure of democracy via the Shifter crisis, have formed her into a uniquely warped view.

    I won't go into exactly what those things are, since it's much more interesting to explore them IC and they aren't things that she shares. She's still fun to play, is Fringe enough that she's batshit, and old enough that it takes zero effort.

    anyway uhhhhhhhh @Pinkbat5 Circle Eye @JeeJee Quuma
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    When I first made the Visitant, I rather reasonably decided I would have to make a few characters from my own species. It'd be weird if I didn't.
    CE was one of those characters, my generic 'beta' character. They showed up onserver the most and were one of the first Visitant characters to make contact with realspacers onscreen.
    They were kind of boring when I first made them. I didn't have a solid idea for what their personality should be, and so I took inspiration from nothing. I think their only traits were that they were deceitful and a tad argumentative. I very vividly remember a scene where they were sparring with Esas– they ended up tricking him into turning around, then attacked him.
    I ditched them shortly after that, then rediscovered their existence a year or so later. I didn't remember their old personality so well, so I revamped them. I took inspiration from GlaDOS and made them inhuman, sarcastic and mean-spirited, but I put my own spin on it by making them highly opinionated instead of malicious. I thought there would be nothing funnier than a character that insults people in an entirely deadpan tone instead of the red-faced "angry xbox kid" aesthetic Dave has, and I was correct. I like how they turned out.
    I don't think I drew on any inspiration other than GlaDOS. If I did, it wasn't conscious, or I can't remember it right now. The rest of their characterization just sort of popped into my head.
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    Uh hm.
    Honestly no idea. There's some unintentional similarities to Moira from Overwatch but that's mostly a coincidence.

    So I looked through old chatlogs with Pink who graded her app first and nothing clear turned up but it did spark a few memories so. Time for the grand reveal, Doctor Lorette Luo is inspired by:

    Herself. Literally herself. The more I thought about her the more I wanted to play her and the more I built on her. I came up with imaginary RP situations that inspired me to come up with stuff. I specifically remember that biokinetics came from one vision of healing someone in the medbay on the Iona hub.

    So perhaps not the most exciting of answers, but certainly a bit out there.
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    my character is inspired by your mom thats why she is such a rancid vapid bitch
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    hey guys don't tag me all at once

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