Cedric Kaya

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    General Information

    First name: Cedric
    Middle name(s): "Lam"
    Surname: Kaya
    Age: 28
    Date of birth: June 3rd, 3259
    Race: Hylotl
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Current residence: A home carved out of a utility room in the Haven sewers underneath Corrav.
    Relationship status: Taken. But it's weird.
    Social status: Passerby.
    Financial standing: Lower-class.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): Hylotian, with a serpentine hiss not unlike a Floran.
    Language spoken: Common.
    Other languages known: Hylotl languages.
    Style of speaking: A rather easy-going, relaxed way of speaking, and an even-toned voice.
    Volume of voice: Inside voice.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: About 230 lbs.
    Eye color: Bright yellow.
    Skin color: Murky green.
    Shape of face: Circular.
    Distinguishing features: Cedric seems quite lizard-like for a Hylotl. He has one tall frill that goes down his head, all the way to the back of his neck, and two other frills that are usually just about perfectly concealed when they're folded against his cheeks, but can be fanned out quickly. His eyes while bright and distinctive are also best suited for night vision.
    Build of body: A thin but lean profile.
    Hair color: No hair.
    Hair style: No hair. Just his frills.
    Complexion: Kind of shiny, just due to being a slimy Hylotl.
    Posture: Laid-back.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Typical clothing: Wears a variety of outfits. Typically dresses light and doesn't hide much as far as weapons.
    Is seen by others as: Friendly. Relaxed. Flirty.


    Likes: Metalworking, music, reading, dancing, seafood, learning new things to like, physical activity in general.
    Dislikes: Bright lights, intrusive government, people who take advantage of others.
    Education: Went to school. Quit most of the way through and was homeschooled for the rest.
    Fears: Losing friends, getting angry, doing something horrible by accident.
    Personal goals: Not much of any. Takes life day by day.
    General attitude: Talkative, but lax.
    Religious values: None, but practices AZeelism to help control his anger.
    General intelligence: Clever. Good in some fields, bad in others.
    General sociability: Extrovert.


    Illnesses (if any): None.
    Allergies (if any): None.
    Sleeping habits: 8+ hours.
    Energy level: Middle to high.
    Eating habits: Has a balanced diet.
    Memory: Good.
    Any unhealthy habits: Might occasionally experiment with less harmful drugs to keep anxiety in check and relax.


    "Lam," short for a name that was always way too long for him to remember, pronounce or even spell, wasn't ever one to keep friends too long, much to his displeasure. He went through a lot of his life being mocked and seen as a freak by other Hylotl strictly due to his snake-like hiss and murky green skin. It had been rumored that as unbelievable and impossible as it is, that he was some kind of cross between a Hylotl and a Floran thanks to some sort of affair his father may have had with a Floran. Unfortunately this turned out to be true after the passing of his actual mother to illness during his childhood when his father did take a liking to a particular Floran, adding more fuel to the fire. Outside of his many siblings and family, he was pretty isolated up until even adulthood, and when tensions began to rise in Civspace again and much of his family waited it out in the Fringe to avoid the conflict, "Lam" opted to stay in Haven. And to change his name to Cedric.

    Relationships & Family

    Parents: Gada (father, police officer), Varnea (mother, also police officer. Deceased)
    Siblings: Too many to name.
    Any enemies (and why): Sort of.
    Children: None, and doesn't want any.
    Sam: Love 'er. Don't wanna fuck thiss up. I jusst hope we're compatible after all thiss.

    Pretty cool. The whole diseasse thing makes me nervouss though. Dunno what that'ss about. Better wayss to live longer than someone ssinkin' their teeth into you, but whatever.

    God, he's fuckin' nutss. Ssame as alwayss, but, eh...that'ss his charm I guess. Still my cuz'. No clue how he broke out, but maybe this time he'll do better for himsself.

    Mosst open-minded friend I could have asked for. Among a few other thingss.

    Used to like 'er. Not ssure what the hell her deal iss now though. Can't trust her after that display.


    Jusst met her a bit ago. Good firsst impression, for ssure.

    Sstill need to go diving with the little yellow guy.

    Diana: Hope 'ya die!

    Kristina: Friend of Sam'ss a friend of mine.

    Naru: Barely know 'em. Sseems cool though.


    Peaceful or violent: Will get extremely violent to protect himself or friends.
    Weapon (if applicable): Guns, but most notably carries with him what looks like a Sica. May sometimes use improvised weapons he made with scrap metal.
    Style of fighting: Hit hard and fast.


    Occupation: Welding and metalworking.
    Current home: Haven sewers, under Corrav.
    Favorite types of food: Sweet and savory things.
    Favorite types of drink: Has taken a liking to mead lately. Usually drinks water or lemonade though.
    Hobbies/past times: Playing drums. Reading.
    Guilty pleasures: Likes breaking things sometimes.
    Pet peeves: People who are openly judgemental.
    Pets: None.
    Talents: Welding. Smithing. Dancing. Drumming.
    Favorite colors: Blue.
    Favorite type of music: Folk, rock, folk rock.
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