Cantor 001523 Delta

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    General Information

    001523 Delta, or “Cantor” as they are known to realspace natives, is a 125-year-old Visitant native to a small channel in the outskirts of an Interval megacity. Created with the intention of one day becoming a high-class Gamma scout, they left Administrative service the day of their echelon shift and became a civilian. They have been wandering the stars, and learning about the cultures they encounter, ever since.
    Cantor is currently a citizen of the Visitant administration (and by extension the Aindivi empire), a registered host in the Emerald Spire, and a co-founder for Tolkin-Cantor Industries, a tech startup based in realspace.
    As their name implies, they are a Visitant belonging to the Delta echelon. Like all Visitant, they are genderless and sexless, though they do not particularly care if they are referred to as male or female.
    Despite being blind, their favourite colour is green. Despite being unable to eat, their favourite food is Romanesco broccoli (they enjoy its appearance.) Cantor’s favourite music is ⶼⷲ Vibration “Deaf metal”, and the megaband ⪹ⶳⶻⶖ is their favourite. They can speak eight languages: Thoughtspeak, Raxxiri, Aagma, ◗̌◔̮◖̌●̮◝̌, ▊▎▍▜, ⸅ⶼⷲ, ௵ಊ౻, and Galactic Common.


    Cantor's personal ship. Ironically, it is fully Visitant, rather than being constructed by TCI.

    Physical Appearance
    Cantor’s appearance varies wildly depending on the body they choose and how they modify that body. They are in the possession of numerous proxies, the majority of which are built to appeal to various alien species and cultures. The proxy they are known in realspace for, their “humanoid” one, is no exception. Designed to remain somewhat relatable without falling into the uncanny valley by too closely resembling a humanoid, Cantor’s humanoid body is short, near-monochromatic, and sports an array of floating cubes instead of a proper head. It is eyeless, hairless and naked. The body section is a dark purple-black, marked with bright splotches, and its floating cubes, most often right in number, are a minty green. Their entire body is cold to the touch, like cool metal. When Cantor has gone a long time without bright light, the black portions of their body turn even darker, and absorb all light like vantablack colouring. The body is small, much smaller than other Visitant bodies, standing at only around five feet. It has three legs and four arms, all of which are so delicate and skinny that they look like they could be snapped off by a child. Their tripodal gait is careful and awkward.
    Cantor speaks in a calming, androgynous voice. It is clearly synthesized, but not monotone, and comes off as older and comforting. They are soft spoken and never raise their voice, even if agitated or afraid. In fact, their tone of voice never reflects their actual emotions at all.


    Personality Type: ENTJ

    Political Ideology: Cantor supports democracies and some oligarchies, but isn’t entirely opposed to other systems, provided they don’t violate sapient rights. Cantor is a strict pacifist and condemns all forms of capital punishment.
    Cantor is calm, collected, and businesslike. Over a century of experience with alien cultures of all forms has fine-tuned their ability to adapt to new cultures and societies, and an inherently stable personality enables them to handle issues with a kind, but firm, attitude. They rarely lose their temper, if at all, and panicking is rare. However, they are strictly pacifist, making their usefulness limited where negotiation is strictly not an option. It is almost impossible to make Cantor angry, and they never curse or purposefully insult another person.
    Cantor holds a deep curiosity for all sapient life, just not in the “let’s dissect it” way that many of their kin seem to hold. They are always striving to learn about Realspace and its inhabitants, and they believe that bridging the cultural gap between Realspace and Hyperspace is essential for the progress of both societies.



    Cantor's business card, stating their name in two separate languages, only one of which is native to realspace. The symbol at the top is widely believed to be the glyph of the Emerald Spire.
    Cantor was created on January 20, 3161. Created to one day become a Gamma scout, they left Administrative service the moment they gained sapience, and immediately began to tour the world they knew.
    They first initiated contact with realspacers on September 24, 3285, and entered realspace the following month. Since they entered, they have made several acquaintances and friends, and founded their very own tech startup with Tolkin.
    It is no secret that Cantor is an agent of a hyperspace organization known as the “Emerald Spire;” however, little is known about this organization itself, or what its members do. There are rumors among Visitant circles that Cantor’s arrival in realspace has attracted the attention of this organization, but the current implications of this are unclear.