Calypso Update 3

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    Well, I said it would happen, it may be a day late but complications.

    Introducing the third update to Calypso (I think)
    The update is the biggest one released to date and includes a whole slew of changes and additions. The update is meant to act as a predecessor to future Atlas endeavors and to give the players a sense of the scale they strive for. It also brings the slow return of Atlas' old culture thought lost once Olympus fell. The update will introduce the people who spend time at the hub to Atlas' past three leaders, held in our new memento room. A statue of Enfield has been erected in his honor, to remember the sacrifice that he made for Atlas.

    -Added an entirely new playable area built onto the structure and accessible by two staircases.
    -Added a memento room, showcasing all four leaders of Atlas.
    -Removed the trash room and replaced it with a long-requested shooting range, to entertain the edgelords.
    -Added a second, smaller bar. It is designed to be more quiet than the main one and be of higher class. 
    -Added a large meeting room for Atlas members, fit with a holographic projection emitted from a table detailing the band patterns of Lapetus.
    -Added a balcony.
    -New robots!
    -Erected a statue of Matthew Enfield in an open part of the facility.
    -Fixed the changing screens in the spa.
    -Altered wall patterns to make them simpler.
    -Squared off the awful biodome.
    -Fixed holes in the hub.
    -Fixed paint inconsistencies.
    -Reset tileprotection, hopefully our hub doesn't fall apart anymore.
    -Added a nostalgic 'Atlas news' screen to the later half of the first room, referencing the old Atlas building style.
    -Added a public address room that will likely be used to talk to Atlas members and plan. May expand to the public. (Note, Atlas is not democratic, there will NEVER be any senators.)
    -Fixed a few broken invisible proximity detectors.
    -Replaced the benches with better ones.
    -Added custom plants around the hub.
    -Added more vending machines.

    -Altered the shade of the windows to be more uniform, this can be reverted if it isn't liked.
    -Added many more open places to RP, instead of crowding the bar, quiet hallways or relaxing seats placed around the hub are an option.
    -Introduced the first round of Atlas Propaganda.
    -Invoked an evolving-imperialist feel by hanging more banners around, it gives it a high class feeling and really lets somebody know who Atlas is.
    -Changed the platforms used to ones that allow colored backgrounds, no more black spots.
    -Further cleaned up the FPS by removing custom signs and adding more custom objects.
    -Removed unorthodox furniture.

    Quite a lengthy list, but I hope you all enjoy the hub and what it offers as of now. The fourth update has already started to boil in my mind, but I want to move on to my new project, which is much better. I'll be keeping an eye out for feedback.
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