Calling All Spider Fans

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    As many of you have noticed, Arachnids got a big makeover recently. Their main planet, Silke, is open for exploration. We've introduced two new Arachnid subspecies, given some world building and lore snippets to the doc, and generally made Arachnids less half-assed than they were. What I want to talk about here, however, is the planned "event", The Guide. A large Arachnid starship that will carry the best and bravest Silke has to offer shall take a grand tour de Fringe, visiting nations, colonizing planets, spreading influence, forging diplomatic relations, performing research, and trading. It's a cruiser, missionary, laboratory, trader, colonizer, embassy, scouter, and more all wrapped into one vessel. A spaceship made to go where no Arachnid has gone before. 

    However, to bring this ship to life, we need some Arachnids to put on it! So, I am making this announcement for anyone who would be interested in playing an Arachnid aboard the S.S. Guide, to come join the Arachnid discord for some discussion. 

    Disclaimer: IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PLAY AN ARACHNID, IGNORE THIS POST. Simple as that. I'm not forcing anyone to play an Arachnid, only asking for anyone who is interested to contact me.

    Now that that's out of the way, if you...

    • Like spiders, for one reason or another
    • Are a fan of space operas and sci fi exploration shows such as Star Trek
    • Want to explore the Fringe more in depth
    • Want to RP as a colonist
    Then this might interest you!

    If you...

    • Do not like spiders
    • Do not like custom races
    • Do not like passive RP
    • Do not like exploration RP
    Then this might not be for you.

    "lol bug is trying to make people play his race. Nobody plays his shitty spiders lolol"

    It is hard to start up interest in a custom race, as it has to be both interesting and present. To get people to play your custom race, you need people who play them to be public. This is what The Guide is for: raising awareness of Arachnids, and developing their culture further. I hope to hear from some of you soon, and look forward to setting the scene for your characters' stories and interactions. If you want a link to the Arachnid discord, just join the GC one and look in Rules. It's third from the bottom at the time of this posting. See ya soon!
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    creative naming.
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    Please play my race
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    I would love to play as an arachnid.