Caligula's Cloning App

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    Character Name: Caligula/Aqu Allen.
    Cause of Death: Shot in the head by Xander with a Forlorn gun. Motherboard responsible for motor functions overall with maintaining the body shot dead. Hard drives with his consciousness in tact, being stored somewhere else.
    # of Previous Clones: #
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    Character Sheet:
    Cloning Method: The body was taken by the Forlorn, who found the hard drives and put them into a XD-1 robot. He is barely functional both physically and mentally. When he gets out he will aim to hit up an engineer, who will repair his original body, putting a working motherboard back into the head.
    Skills: Firearms usage, bomb crafting (chemistry), low-class engineering specialized in automatons, basic programming, off-grid building. Swag
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    Caligula in a can


    Passed, no other mutations or detriments since he’s already stuck in a gonk droid :)