Cailian Swagmoth

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    Cailian Swagmoth


    Cailian swagmoths are large, roughly person sized pseudo-insects from the dense forests of Cailias. Nowadays however Cailian swagmoths are most well known for being cattle on many smaller fringe colonies. Cailian swagmoths are highly sought after as cattle for their ease of transport, being very trivial to raise and tend to and their delicious meat.

    Cailian swagmoths have a distinctly insectoid body plan, with a body segmented in three parts, six powerful legs with which they crawl across the forest floor and large, broad wings. Cailian swagmoths are however completely flightless, with the wings serving moreso for sex appeal and heat dispersal, as in males the wings are not only broader but patterned in bright, dazzling colours. Their heads are adorned with two frilly, fuzzy antennae and four large eyes. Their mouths are made up of four broad, flat limbs designed for crushing and tearing plant matter before forcing it down their gullet to be consumed.

    Cailian swagmoths are highly docile grazing animals, both in the wild and domesticated. Wild ones can be relatively skittish and shy however.

    Relatively easy. Domesticated swagmoths have little fear for sapients.

    Where is it found?:
    Cailian swagmoths are indigenous to the planet of Cailias, however domesticated swagmoths can be found on many different fringe colonies.

    Relatively common as far as obscure aliens go.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy:
    Cailian swagmoths are herbivorous forest grazers, feeding mostly on ferns, shrubs, mushrooms and roots.

    Meat. Almost the entire creature can be consumed in some way, and the meat is rich, filling and tasty. Aside from that, the fur on its back can be harvested as it is a dense, warm and water repellent coat.

    Sexual. Swagmoths are monogamous, forming a closely knit breeding pair which can usually last their entire lives. Each autumn a female can lay upwards of 4 eggs which hatch in early spring. Unlike the insects which hold their namesake, the swagmoth does not metamorphize during development. Instead, young swagmoths look a lot like a smaller adult. The parents will both care for the young swagmoths until early to mid summer, at which point they’re developed enough to set out on their own.

    Usually around five feet and ten inches from end to end, with a wingspan approaching seven or eight feet. Males are usually slightly larger than females, however the difference is negligible.

    Between 150-200 lbs.

    ~11 years.

    + Tasty: Swagmoths are very tasty, and produce plenty of good meat.

    - Flightless: Despite their appearance, swagmoths are completely flightless and rather slow and clumsy animals.

    There exists a secondary breed of the Cailian swagmoth. Bred as small domesticated pets, the Pygmy swagmoth is only around 1-1.5 feet long and is a popular pet for its playful and mischievous yet loving demeanour. Pygmy swagmoths have a lifespan of around 20 years.

    In addition, despite often being portrayed as such in media, both the cailian swagmoth and the pygmy swagmoth are completely flightless, at most being able to jump a considerable distance.
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