Bran, The Generic Human Farmer

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    General Information

    Name: Bran
    Age: 22
    Skills: Farming, basic metalworking, basic carpentry, basic sewing and cooking.
    Personality: ISTP
    Likes: Farming, finishing a project, cooking, most foods, alone time, and having a small group of people to hang out with.
    Dislikes: Starting a project, carrots, and being in crowded areas.
    Financial Standing: Middle class, makes enough to stay where he is economically, but it's slowly shifting for the worse.

    Physical Appearance

    Weight: 112 lbs, very slightly underweight for his height.
    Height: 5'6ft.
    Eye color: Light Blue.
    Hair color: Lightish brown.
    Hair style: Short over his face, medium length in the back and the side of his head.
    Posture: Very slight slouch, otherwise next to perfect posture.
    Typical Clothing: A purple hoodie and blue jeans no matter the temperature.
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Skin color: Pale, lightly tanned.
    Distinguishing features: A few very light scars near both his shoulders, not typically visible.


    Sleeping habits: Fairly open sleep schedule, asleep when it's dark, awake when it's bright.
    Energy level: High, until the exact moment at which he is done working.
    Eating habits: Not the best, but also not the worst. (Reasonably healthy.)
    Memory: Great memory, except when it comes to names.
    Any unhealthy habits: Consumes an unreasonable amount of potatoes, drinks a lot of soda and doesn't care for any vegetables/fruits unless they taste better than a potato in a meal.

    Backstory and More

    Backstory: Bran was born and raised on his family's farm (which had been both passed down through generations and had been successful throughout those generations,) he lived a normal life there, he got a normal home-school education which was mostly about how to farm, he made friends and overall, has lived a happy life, at the age of 19 his parents surprised him with both a gift and a curse, they had bought him both a small ship and a small plot of land on a forest world, of course at the time he was ecstatic, he finally had a ship and a place to call his own, soon his opinion would change when he realized his family just used that to get rid of him for reasons still beyond him.

    He managed to get a small house built and a reasonably efficient farm set up, this worked for a few years.

    On-going Story: Hasn't been making as much off of farming as he used to and is now looking for other forms of work that may be more reliable and stable.

    Extra: Before Bran had left he had bought a small tungsten magnum with most of his savings, he still keeps the magnum on him to this day, it's a little out of shape, but it still works in the rare times he's had to use it, he stores it within his hoodie on it's left side, it makes a visible on his hoodie when he stand up straight.

    If you have any suggestions/criticism of this sheet please tell me, it's my first sheet for Galaxy Citizen.
    Thank you for reading my sheet.
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    I don't get to see a lot of farmer characters these days, this is a welcome change!
    Welcome to GC!