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    Name: Bloodraven, The Blood Ravens, Skysharks, Bastardbirds, Swarmbirds

    Description: Bloodravens are swarming black bird-like creatures native to La'Megoth. Their anatomy is twisted in horrid ways from the FEV incorperated in their genomes, creating bloodthirsty ravenous creatures perfectly adapted for their task of finding food. Bloodravens have a wingspan of two feet, and are covered from wingtip to wingtip with iridescent black scales similar in structure and material to those of Pangolins of Earth, making them quite durable. Several pairs of eyes on their head serve different purposes; Binocular vision and Thermal Vision. The larger eye on their chest is not good with either of these, and instead monitors the land beneath them for movement.
    Bloodraven's have meathook like talons to let them grip onto prey with little risk of being flung off, and inside their long piercing beaks are extendable pharyngeal jaws for clipping meat off at ludicrous speeds.

    Behavior: Bloodravens are flocking 'birds' that are born and raised on the wing and live in their colonial flocks their entire lives. They roam great swaths of territory, and are very defensive of these hunting grounds from rival flocks. Being hypercarnivorous, bloodravens are always seeking more food, and collectively scan thousands of square miles for prey item, any will do, as long as it is made of meat. When its time to descend on their victim, they descend and swarm like piranhas, latching onto their food object and stabbing openings into the hide of their target. Once they get their beaks embedded, they pull the flesh open so that their pharyngeal jaws can begin clipping off pieces of flesh and lapping up blood at ludicrous speeds. They will not stop eating until their target has been reduced to bone, filling their stomachs and bloating their bodies, only to burn off all the calories when returning to the patrol.

    Tamability: Cannot be tamed, but can be held in captivity. Bloodravens can be bought and sold on exotic animal markets.

    Where is it found?: Native to La'Megoth, Bloodravens stick just under the cloud barrier swarming the skies across the planet. Due to exotic animal trade however, some populations have become invasive across the galaxy, taking up the niche of airborne macropredatory swarm.

    Rarity: Bloodravens come in colonies up to several hundred strong, but these colonies demand huge territories, making their species rather high in population, but rarely encountered.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: Hypercarnivore. Bloodravens eat every meal like its their last and will leave no flesh remaining on a prey item.

    Products?: Bloodraven scales are believed to serve traditional medicine purposes such as treating high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and boosting libido.

    Reproduction: Bloodravens produce sexually, when larger female colonies meet with smaller batchelor male colonies. They never land during the entire affair, and young are birthed live and ready to fly. Litters can be up to twelve chicks per, ensuring the colony can continue to grow and replace individuals that die.

    Size: two foot wide wingspan on average.

    Weight: only a few ounces

    Lifespan: Individuals can live for up to three years before their metabolism and lifestyle physically burns them out.

    Abilities: Bloodravens have color and thermal vision, with an excellent ability to see movement. They are able to fly almost perpetually, so long as they continue to feed.

    Flaws: Bloodravens have poor sense of smell and hearing. The species lives fast and dies young, having an extremely high metabolism. If they cannot eat their bodyweight in meat per day, they will starve.

    Other: The call of a bloodraven is eerily similar to a laughing child.
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