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    Name: Blank Blood

    Description: A bag/bottle of fluid containing Stem Cells specialized for blood cell formation.

    Abilities: Formation of Blood Cells from Stem Cells via nanomachines

    How does it work: Exposure of a blood sample to the substance via finger prick or exposure of blood drop of subject will convert the substance inside via nanites to the registered bloodtype of the individual whose sample the substance is applied to. Takes 3-5 minutes to form completely. Upon completion, nanites undergo self-termination.

    Limitations: Race specific due to genome of cells used and nanite programming used as the skeletal work for formation of blood cells. Currently restricted to 5 races: Apex, Avian, Floran, Human, and Hylotl (Includes sub-species and variants of those 5 races due to baseline genome similarity provided the deviation does not fundamentally alter the genome's functions). Further genomes provided in the programming process of said nanites will ameliorate that issue. Susceptible to damage via excessive temperatures on both sides of the spectrum and EMP bursts like both blood bags and nanites respectively. More expensive variants of Blank Blood has built in EMP shielding on the container to alleviate the latter condition.

    Flavor text: Developed by Ryan Fletcher, an engineer from another sector as a means to counteract a shortage of blood/lack of compatible bloodtypes available.

    Attainability: Open

    Tags: Medical

    Category: Medical
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    Heyo, sounds like what you're wanting here is a form of Synthetic Blood- which is already (partially) available technology in the modern era and by GC's time has advanced enough to be actively used as a substitute freely if needed. I'd recommend looking into that wiki page as a starting point if its something you're interested in reading on.

    With that, this app has been Deferred.

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