Big Dyz- Hyena Hunk

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    General Information

    First name: Dyz
    Middle name(s): None
    Surname: None, although she wants to give herself the last name Wrecker or Dingo
    Age: She's forgotten the numbers, so just goes with 23.
    Date of birth: Unknown date, 3274.
    Race: Chimera, Special Divergent Feliforma
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Current residence: The converted cargo bay of a Naian ship
    Relationship status: Single
    Social status: She makes friends quick enough, but her size and scary stature can tend to run people off.
    Financial standing: Poor, she lives paycheck to paycheck and blows extra on alcohol.

    Traits of Voice

    Accent (if any): She speaks lazily, in an uncultured sense, but otherwise her accent is all her own.
    Language spoken: Common
    Other languages known: None, yet
    Style of speaking: Loud, lazy, she jumps around her words and puts a lot of energy into them
    Volume of voice: Noticeably louder than an inside voice, her cackling yipping laugh is also extremely loud.

    Physical Appearance

    Height: 7'10"
    Weight: 402lbs
    Eye color: Deep purple irises with glowing magenta sclera
    Skin color: Brown very, very fine fur with patches of dark brown and spots
    Shape of face: Angular and hearty, with sharp and heavy eyebrows as well as a raccoon-like mask around her eyes.
    Distinguishing features: The aforementioned mask and as well as her large teeth and glowing pink insides. She has two sets of ears, one sitting on top sides of her head, being large hyena ears, and the other simply being pointed human-ish ears right below the first pair.
    Build of body: Muscular and very toned in everywhere but her stomach, where she has a noticeable paunch under her 6-pack.
    Hair color: Maroon
    Hair style: Extremely spiky mohawk with full bangs, and most of her long hair is contained in an explosive ponytail.
    Complexion: Good, she prides herself in her body care.
    Posture: Shoulders square when wanting, but she's slacked and relaxed most of the time.
    Tattoos: None, but she really wants one.
    Piercings: A stainless metal bellybutton ring, and some hoops she rarely puts in her left pointed ear.
    Typical clothing: Tank tops and military pants, a lot of airy clothes and flexible but tough materials. She rarely wears a bra, and also owns a sweat tracksuit in eye-bleeding neon green that she ripped the arms off of.
    Is seen by others as: Large, intimidating, protective, hardy, and strong


    Likes: Food, drinking, her electric guitar, singing, playing the drums, having people to talk to, brawling, exercise, and small, cute things.
    Dislikes: People being loud, creepy people, heavy weapons in crowded civilian environments, raisins, and dirty hands touching her.
    Education: Facility standard training, private security training, first aid and first responder training.
    Fears: Being trapped, hunger, spiders, and losing her limbs.
    Personal goals: To get financially stable, collect as many friends as she can surround herself with, to feel truly loved and valued.
    General attitude: Loud, kind, protective of smaller fold and her friends, dependable, and durable.
    Religious values: She believes some kind of god it out there, the concepts of luck and karma, and that she'll pay for her debts one day.
    General intelligence: Higher than she let's on, she enjoys study work.
    General sociability: High when she has the energy, getting bored easily. However, when she loses energy, she isolates or grows dull to recharge.


    Illnesses (if any): None
    Allergies (if any): None
    Sleeping habits: She tends to over sleep on account of her staying up late and drinking habits.
    Energy level: Medium
    Eating habits: She eats more than a usual amount of junk food, working most of it off but she's been known to eat large amounts of weird stuff due to her size and large appetite.
    Any unhealthy habits: Overdrinking.

    To be discovered


    -Missing piece-

    ???- "..fuh..fuck man- turn this recorder shit off; ...f-fuck this..."


    Faeya- "Just wanna keep them safe and happy as much as possible, they've done a lot for me."

    Esmé- "Cute guitar boy... his hair is soft. But uh- In serious, he's... stupid fucking talented what the hell. I like him, gonna see if I can get my Axe painted on by his awesome touch."

    Alex- "They cute, but, otherwise rather reserved and quiet. Gonna see if I can beef them up a bit so they aren't being bullied so hard. Breaks my heart man, but it'll help. Need to get to know them more.


    Zarta- "A beast of a woman like me, so she's automatically cool. Seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and has a good sense of morals. I like her."

    Cedric- "Based gun fish who I need to drink with again. I wanna get a sword like his."

    Mir- "He's a lot cooler than I thought before. Poor bird been put through the wringer it seems, so doing some fun stuff with him is probably good. Class act, and I am now completely certain his head is 90% bubble, but the rest of that is gold."


    Robin- "...Dude what the fuck."

    Rehi- "Seemed to be on some kind of mission; talked like some high scholar too or some shit. She's beefy and seems like a good gal? Probably more to the surface I guess, dunno her that well. Story of my life, hah."


    Peaceful or violent: Violent when she needs to be, confrontational
    Weapon (if applicable): Dual oversized hand-cannon revolvers fitted to fire shotgun shells. A pair of brass knuckles fitted to her hand size.
    Style of fighting: Heavy hard-hitting strikes to try and defuse or dispatch quickly, she has been trained in combat under security training.


    Occupation: Odd jobs she can use her strength for.
    Favorite types of food: Oyster po-boy, fried foods, pasta, hot and heavily cheesy dishes.
    Favorite types of drink: Hard apple cider, hard lemonaid, bepis.
    Hobbies/past times: Guitar playing, learning the drums again, sleeping, and watching videos of cute animals.
    Guilty pleasures: Drinking till she's blacked out, eating copious amounts of food, twinks.
    Pet peeves: People talking about hard topics and cannibalism.
    Pets: None. Yet. > : )
    Favorite colors: Hot pink, dark green
    Favorite type of music: Old punk, power metal, death metal, and chill hip-hop.


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    'Dude what the fuck'
    Somehow one of the kinder descriptions of Robin lmao
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    Updated Mir and Esmé's descriptions.
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    Small Update-
    Added Rehi to Relationships
    Updated Alex's tab in Relationships
    Added ???