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    The following are the rules about being a bestiary organism in roleplay.

    Note: Rules only apply to custom organisms. Real-life earthling animals don't require an app to exist in the GC universe.

    Bestiary applications will also be graded like Tech/Aug Applications.

    1. You can only kill an organism if:
    It's causing chaos (like a cow that is normally docile starts to stampede)
    It tries to kill/harm someone
    If hunting arrangements have been made for someone to play the animals you hunt.
    Note: In some cases, a player role-playing as the organism might be fine with being killed despite not causing chaos or trying to harm someone. You may kill the organism if the player is fine with it and doesn't mind the criteria.

    2. Play the organism by how it instinctively acts. They are plot devices and role-play tools, not legitimate characters. Abide by their instincts and normal behavior.

    3. A pet will obviously act differently from a wild animal, apply common sense when playing an organism.

    4. An animal can be on a hub that it doesn't belong in only if permission is granted by the Hub Owner and you have logical reason as to why the organism would be there.
    Example: A bear is on Clop Clop because a travelling zoo has stopped by. The bear can naturally roam forest planets or any other kind of place a bear would obviously be.

    5. Creatures that are exactly like real life creatures but just look different (Like a green bear) do not need apps because that's just a cosmetic change.

    6. Ingame creatures require apps if you want them in the GC universe because there is no information on them.

    You may comment on bestiary apps but please keep it on topic. Bestiary apps do not need secondings.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.