Beasts of the Tri-Reef

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    Zerekriss-13, Credit: Elite Dangerous
    The Beasts of the Tri-Reef

    Zerekriss' own.

    At its' heart, the Beasts of the Tri-reef are a moneymaking gang founded and organized by ex-Brass gangster Morgan Blackwell. They sell and buy whatever they can get their hands on, operating out of an abandoned mineral processing factory in the asteroid belts of Zerekriss. Though small, they've cornered a potential market through their sales of starsugar-based potions and exotic weaponry. Their future interests currently include smuggling, starport taxation, and piracy. With some luck and a little grit, they'll succeed.

    Morgan Blackwell - Bossman (ME!)

    Einnar - Muscle and Repairs (Slither)

    Johannes - Musclebound Enforcer and Spiritual Advisor (Red)

    Kismet - Enforcer (Nin)

    Stry Kirr - Weaponsmith (Zecon)

    Currently, the Reeflings possess a single property to their name and a few sources of income.
    - Mayton Refinery and Refining Tools. A decrepit processing plant, it holds all the makings of a future hideout
    - The Morgan Blackwell, a corvette owned by the eponymous man himself. Has an in situ alchemy lab and cargo-hold
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    finally this "tri reef" i keep hearing people talking about
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