//Back on the Scene of Haven; Sarrasine Itlalco//

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    //The interview of an actor who made a come back to Haven was shared among multiple social medias and classic media outlets//

    //Just this week, the actor known as Sarrasine Itlalco shared their desire to get back into the entertainment industry during an interview concerning their recent rehab – which had lasted 2 years. They had gone through this process after being brought into the emergency room of Haven’s hospital due to an overdose. The avian claimed that their last appearance in media was not representative of who they were and that they wanted to fix this issue. Sarrasine finished by adding that their love for the scene and fans, however, was their true and most honest motive to get back into the entertainment business//

    Full interview

    A tall avian is seen stepping outside a building, wearing tight jeans, high boots, a large sweater and eccentric shades over their long, slightly hook like, beak

    There were a few people waiting, an arrangement of microphones being held in the direction of the avian, cameras flashes assaulting the bird and a mess of questions bombarding the feathery actor. Despite all of this, Sarrasine stopped and calmly started answering the journalists and paparazzis one by one

    The interview that follows is one of a local Haven’s news station

    `Interviewer:` “Considering the popularity you’ve once had in movies and plays, do you think that your drug consumption and rehab will impact your public image?”

    `Itlalco:` “I’ve never had any drug addiction nor abuse. My visit to the hospital was the result of a miscommunication with my personal doctor and not an overdose. The medias misrepresented my situation.”

    `Interviewer:` ‘’The level of opioids in-“ The interviewer was caught short by the avian

    `Itlalco:` “ I am aware of it - abnormally high - but keep in mind that I am extremely tall for my kind and that I recently had went through an important operation. I was in pain and needed the medication.”

    `Interviewer:` “You have been absent for two years. Do you believe that your career will suffer from it?”

    `Itlalco:` “It is only a question of time before I make myself a name again. People may not talk about me anymore, but I am sure some do remember me. I do not expect it to be easy but surely the support of my fans will bring me back to fame. I wouldn’t be anything without them~”

    Interviewer:` “Concerning your reha-“

    `Itlalco:` “It wasn’t really a rehab. It was more of an emotional and medical break. I was terrified after this event and what they were telling about me in the news was not helping my emotional state…I couldn’t help but feel terrible anguish thinking some of my dear fans may have thought I was taking such substances. I’m sure they will understand” `There was a brief choke near the end, as if the bird could barely make the words out`

    `Interviewer:` “What are you planning to do next now that you are back in Haven?”

    `Itlalco:` `After a brief shaky sigh, Sarrasine answered` “I hope to bring excitement to all through the plays, movies and show I will appear on! Bringing tears, smiles and laughs to all people of the Fringe! I want people to truly see who I am”

    `Interviewer:` ‘’What are you currently working on?”

    `Itlalco:` The avian chuckled, shaking their head “Oh-oh. I wish I could talk about it, but my agents would tear me apart. Little vicious creatures they are~. What I can say is that people will surely enjoy it” `The shades were lifted, exposing dark eyes with long smooth eyelashes, giving a wink to the camera`

    `Interviewer:` ‘’Thank you M-“

    `The attention of the avian was quickly lost as another interviewer practically took over, spurting out a new array of questions to the actor. `

    //The video stops with the bird heading to other interviewers.//
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