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    // Created to be manageable and aesthetically pleasing, the Avalon catalogue is separated into several different categories for Prosthetics, Genetics and Cosmetics //[​IMG]

    <:: Prosthesis

    Avalon is dedicated to providing quality prosthesis that can seamlessly integrate with your body without any of the aesthetic drawbacks - Make no mistake, we're committed to making sure you look stylish while also being advanced
    <: Organ Replacements
    Avalon brand prosthetic eyes come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes to suit your species' needs. You can even further customise your eyes to look like anything from an animal’s, to changing colours on the fly or glowing in the dark. These basic eyes can be further upgraded for an extra fee into our "Advanced Optics" which possess a nexus connection, built-in AR HUD, customisable zoom, camera features, and artificially brightening or darkening vision based on your homeworlds day-night cycle, for those always on the go! NEW: Our Advanced Optics are now equipped with night vision and Infrared modes for those who need a new way to see! - Basic/Advanced - 200px-800px
    While some can settle for healing their damaged hearing, here at Avalon we're looking beyond just fixing what you had; We want to improve it! Our bionic ears come installed with built in communication devices and a universal translator* for those who like to live exotically! - 350px Avalon Translators cannot translate Purgatorian Worm, Visitant or Obsecrian
    <: Tools
    Laser Finger Prosthetic - 150px
    Pen Finger Prosthetic - 50px
    Flashlight Finger Prosthetic - 50px
    Hand Holoprojector Implant - 100px

    Special Bundle! All 4 for 250px, with free installation

    <:: Genetics
    Though only in it's early stages, Avalon's genetics department wants you to become the best version of you there can be. Genetic modification and Anti-Ageing treatments are what you can expect from here
    <: Treatments ( More to come soon! )
    Utilising genetic modification incorporating Hylotl genetic material and some handy telomerase inhibitors, this treatment will dramatically slow your rate of ageing- keeping you more beautiful, for longer! Be aware though, this treatment will require repeat visits to keep the telomerase inhibitors active! - 5000px ( 1000px returns each year )d
    <: Modifications ( More to come soon! )
    The Nocturne Procedure - 7500px
    <:: Cosmetics
    Just need something to spice up your life? Maybe you were thinking about getting a tattoo, but that's too easy. What you really want is the choice of a tattoo that glows with a brilliant neon colouring, or is capable of moving to really show off to those business partners. Have you ever thought of a Hookah that follows you around? Now you have!
    <: Tattoos & Personal Cosmetics
    Here at Avalon, we dont just care about substance, we care about style. While general use tattoos have been in business for thousands of years, we're pleased to bring something new to the table. Created using a tiny layer of light producing, sub-dermal nanobots, we're proud to introduce our "Absolute Glow" tattoos that are not just capable of glowing, but also changing colour with the press of a button. If that's not enough style for you, we can also accommodate for the tattoo's ability to shift it's shape, making you the highlight of any party! - Glowing/Moving - 300px min/1000px min
    Much like our colour changing tattoos and eyes, Avalon also offers artificial hair fibres that can be customised to change colour and produce light. Not feeling like a blonde today? Well now you can do something about it! Another option is also the addition of Hydrophobic hair follicles that will certainly help on those rainy autumn weeks! Available stand alone or in a package. Color-Change Hair/Hydrophobic/Bundle - 350px/400px/100px Standalone
    Avalon comes to you with a unique and interesting proposition; Imagine having a teeth grill that not only looks great, but can also produce custom holographic messages and images. Want to show off your business or what sports team you support? Here's your chance! - 550px
    <: Cosmetic Items
    Coming in the form of two groovy products, make your "dirty" smoking habit that much cleaner! Avalon Hover-Hookahs are part of our mission to making your life that much easier; You no longer have to carry around your clunky old Hookah, when it'll follow you around wherever you go. Our other product is the "Holo-Cigar" that acts as an E-Cigar, containing tiny aerosols that you can preset into forming glowing, multicoloured messages. Wanting to tell the boss you're on smoke break? Look no further! - Hookah/Cigar - 800px/100px + 20px fluid refill

    Covfefe is the perfect gift for any of your coffee loving friends; A small rechargeable package of nano machines designed to artificially waft Coffee drawings into specific shapes. Instead of worrying about whether you can make that Yggdrassil out of foam, just do it! - 100px
    Do not consume nanomachines, the package provided comes with a natural magnet that'll remove them. If you or anyone you know consumes them, go to a doctor.



    <:: Order Forms
    Nexus Contact:
    Emergency Contact:
    <: Product Information
    Desired Product:
    Pick Up Location/Teleporter Coordinates:

    All Avalon Products are liable for a lifetime warranty and will be able to be replaced free of charge, as well as any medical treatments as a result of this replacement.
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    // A new post appears on the Avalon Market Page //

    Avalon Optics have received an upgrade! Our advanced optics have now received two new options; Night Vision, allowing you to see anything on those gloomy nights and Thermal Vision, perfect for all of you hunters out there! Stay tuned for more upgrades to your favourite products!

    Coffee lovers rejoice! Avalon is now selling the brilliant Covfefe; This small package of nanomachines is a sure-fire way to make your coffee look spiffy! These nanomachines allow you.. or any barista in-fact, to make your Coffee drawings easy and work-free by manually controlling what it looks like. Buy today!
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    <:: Contact Information
    Name: Yuuara Inkaida
    Species: Hylotl
    Nexus Contact: Inktender61@nexus.nex
    Emergency Contact: Yuni.Inkaida@nexus.nex

    <: Product Information
    Desired Product: Holo-cigar, refills
    Quantity: x1 Cigar, x10 refills
    Pick Up Location/Teleporter Coordinates: [A haven address is posted]