August: Heading home.

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    ((This is not an IC diary, simply a small side-story involving a character of mine. The information here can not be obtained ICly from reading this post alone. Be warned. Don't meta.))

    Warren arrived home late tonight, his small fishing shack on the coast of Rendera hardly contained any real furnishings that could reflect the former guard's personality. He had spent the entire day helping with the relief effort of the Ruin's attack on Silent Bastion. I owed them that. I've owed them for a while now. In the month's prior, he had let loose his immoral, yet conclusive and result-yielding, plan to resurrect the Bastion's goddess to get correct information from her regarding a Black Empire criminal. Someone had illegally recorded the court session, news got out, and he had become universally hated by the district for it. He was planning to write a formal apology and speak out to the people, but...then the attack came. The entire planet of Silentia, fallen victim to the immortal scourge that had taken his race's planet all those years ago...

    He tried not to dwell on the thoughts, changing them to something more productive as he removed his coat, entering his kitchen area. He prepared a simple meal of oatmeal and orange juice while thinking about the most important task at hand to pick up tomorrow morning: Where did Diana go?

    Diana and Blake had a connection. Blake is letting Giorno rot. He thought as he shook the futuristic bag of pre-prepared oatmeal, sitting it in the microwave he had purchased when he first moved here. He can't cook for shit. Giorno did something to Diana. No body has been found yet. Either buried at his home, or...

    A dark thought brewed in his mind. If Diana was still alive, she would have certainly broken herself out. She's insane. She'd kill Giorno on her way out, too. But she didn't. He did something to her. Chained her, drugged her, beat her, broke her, something was done. As he poured the contents of the oatmeal into his waiting bowl, along with his juice into his massive mug, he built a plan in his head, as he is known to do. Despite the constant ridicule and disbelief in his capabilities he deals with from his fellow senators and others, he was a brilliant tactician and quick-thinker. Corrav changed him. Results over morals became his motto, netting him several awards over the years for valor and bravery.

    Plan A: Ask Esas for permission to break into Giorno's home, search for evidence.
    Side-plan: If denied, hire mercenaries, or do it yourself.

    Plan B: Find Giorno, interrogate for information. Learn the entire story, even if he lies through his teeth. Don't kill him. Not yet. You're better than that, Aug.

    Plan C: Shock and Awe. Gather up whoever you can, and rush the mansion anonymously. Make it seem like an attack from a rival family, end up dismantling the entire crime operation in Rendera if you're lucky. Pipe dream, possible failure.

    There was no Plan D. If the first three don't work, improvisation is his last ditch effort. He went out of the small corner of a kitchen to his living area, which contained nothing more than a bare table, a large tv(most likely bought with his earnings as a senator so far), and a comfortable couch. He slept in the one other room in this shack, which, could honestly, be classified as a lodge from the inside. As time moves on, he thought about living a good life here. A few potted plants, a pet lizard of some kind, a girlfriend, a...

    Augurr would've loved all of this just as is.

    Let it go.

    It's your fault he's dead.

    You were powerless, it's not your fault.

    You watched your baby brother die.

    "Shut up. Shut up, all of you, SHUT UP!" He stood up from the couch, looking around at the crowd that wasn't there. Any time he let his mind wander, things like this happened. He kept it under wraps in public, but at home, things were different. He was different. Sad. Alone.

    He finished his food, and went to bed. Work had to be done in the morning.
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