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    //A high-priority broadcast is shown on all ATL-Adjacent Networks.

    High Atlas Aleksandr solemnly strode out from the building's entrance: members of the Honor Guard flanked his path to the podium not twenty feet from the barricade, while his personal bodyguard rode the flank. He gripped the podium before him with an element of apprehension as he scanned the crowd before him. He saw many faces that resembled those he witnessed lifeless on the ground of his very own domain-- his castle. If this synthetic could cry, he certainly looked on the edge of it. Nevertheless, he dismissed the expression, though not returning anywhere near his typically-stern countenance.

    "Citizens of Atlas. Advena from near and far... Thank you for visiting with us here at the Capitol, today. It is with heavy heart that I reveal the tribulations of the last twenty-four hours. At approximately seventeen-hundred hours, yesterday, ten individuals of unidentified creed saw fit to assault the Capitol Building behind me, utilizing shocktroop tactics by ramming trucks full-speed through the front doors. They then made liberal use of a chemical weapon known as 'Ion-Smoke'... to kill anyone unable to escape the gas, and incapacitate anyone who was able to procure a mask. Once they had secured the lobby, they made their way up through several floors by stairwell, engaging with on-site AAF personnel, and dispensing yet more gas to secure their path upward. By the time a response team arrived, they had reached the twenty-ninth floor. It was there that the response team engaged them, putting an end to this misguided act of villainy."

    The Emperor closed his eyes, bowing his head slightly,

    "...In total, these ten terrorists took the lives of thirty-seven people. Thirty-seven of our countrymen. The identities of these terrorists is unknown, but we know, for certain, that these were Olympian nationals. Our people. This is a disheartening time for us all, and we must do everything we can to nurse this wound inflicted on the heart of our homeworld."

    He raised his head once more, opening his eyes to make contact with those in the crowd,

    "No one says this, but I speak to the natural-born denizens of this world when I say I am not truly one of you... In more ways than one. I was born on the opposite edge of the galaxy, and it is no secret that I am a synthetic. I plead with you, all the same, to not allow this heinous disregard for sapient life to instill fear within you. We are still firmly on the path to recovery, with prosperity on the horizon, and our success resides in our continued cooperation with one another. Please. For the thirty-seven souls extinguished before their time... March forward with their memory in your hearts..."

    His grip on the podium softens; his hands slowly retreating behind him, folded neatly along with his arms,

    "All personnel assigned to the Capitol Building have been given two weeks bereavement. Friends and family of the departed, as well as any civilian present during this crisis, will receive offers for grief and trauma counseling. A memorial service will be held one week from now... Thank you all for your time."

    He stands before the crowd for a moment more, before returning back to the Capitol Building, like a sad Willy Wonka.