Arjun Kapur's Log

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    //Kept in a bound-up book on the Nakamura, Arjun Kapur collates his journal. It'd probably never see the light of day, but that didn't matter//
    26/05/3288 - Renaize
    I rarely sleep anymore. Only a few hours every couple of nights. My fears, my plans, my goals.. they all keep me up at night. I worry for those under my care, what could happen if all of "this" came out. Maybe I'm sparing the kid, by accepting his desire to stay at home. Or maybe I'm just adding to the pile of people I'm cutting myself off from. Hell, the only people I really talk to anymore are Lorette and Doe. Gary, sometimes. Naru, too. I'm worried I'll have to get Naru out before he gets in too far, too. I couldn't live with myself if he was killed, or worse, by following me. I think that a lot- would things be better if I just.. didn't get involved? If I never existed or died in that fire? Arjun Kapur, professional fuck-up. Nothing but a boatload of mistakes in my wake. But I'm working on something new now. Something that I cant mess up. I'm going to make things right. I cant handle another mistake.
    To my dearest Izem.
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