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    Preliminary Notes: Certain parts of this character sheet will have two entries - one in red, one in blue. These are color-coded - the red is her conscious perception of the situation, whereas the blue is the reality she is unaware of or refuses to accept. This has been put into place to highlight the dissonance between Aria's conscious (machine) life, and her reality. Note that in some cases the red and blue segments are not mutually exclusive, or even agree with each other, albeit with subtle differences. In addition, some terms are specifically color-coded to one of these things.

    First name:
    Surname: Durasteel (no, really)
    Age: Approximately four years from the brain scan she is derived from. Approximately twenty-eight years from her organic self's birth.
    Date of birth: AR-00032-Inf was minted on 06/09/3284. The original, organic Aria's birthday isn't known.
    Race: Metanoid/Avian
    Gender: F
    Sexuality: Asexual; she's tried it, it bores her.
    Sexuality: She's open to experimentation, in theory.
    Current residence: An apartment on Haven City
    Relationship status: She is with her partner and roommate, Praxis.
    Financial standing: This Aria unit was given 300,000 pixels when she was sent to the Fringe. In addition, she has a stable income, just above minimum wage at full-time hours.

    Accent (if any): Phonetic.
    Language spoken: Common.
    Other languages known: English, Galactic Sign Language
    Style of speaking: Aria speaks in an even, level manner, using technical terms. To those with a large vocabulary or language acuity, she expresses her message perfectly in all regards.
    Volume of voice: Aria speaks softly most of the time, only raising her voice when necessary to be heard.

    Height: 6' even, minus feathers. 6'3" total standing height with crest.
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Eye color: Black
    Feather color: Bluish metallic grey, with white face fluff
    Shape of face: Aria has a hooked beak and glaring, severe eyes.
    Distinguishing features: Aria is physically similar to your standard Avian, despite her unorthodox feather color.
    Build of body: Aria is thin and fit, similar to a casual athlete in build.
    Posture: Aria keeps a very straight, consistent, perfect posture.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: None.
    Typical clothing: Aria, in an attempt to blend in with civilians, ordinarily wears a black jacket, a red T-shirt and a pair of worn jeans with ripped knees, as well as a red scarf.
    Is seen by others as: Terse, angry, cold, intimidating.
    Is seen by others as: Caring, kind, confused, uncertain.

    Likes: Order, guns, quiet piano music, cats
    Dislikes: Criminals, bounty hunters, vigilantes, religion, spiders
    Education: Aria has absorbed a breadth of knowledge. In addition to basic knowledge similar to a grade school education, Aria is trained in firearms maintenance and handling of several common varieties (ballistic, laser, plasma, high explosive and incendiary) as well as having broad knowledge of ancient Earth fiction from approximately 1300-1200 years prior, simply because it interested her. Finally, the Aria A.I. is responsible for designing her own proxies (which this unit originated as) - thus, she is an expert on her own design, and can extrapolate much about cybernetics as a field from her work with herself.
    Fears: Her own death, EMP weaponry, spiders, Praxis being hurt or killed, dreams
    Personal goals: Climb out of her psychological issues, become a unique entity in and of herself, avoid her own death
    General attitude: Aria can come off as rather cold to those she doesn't know. However - once she warms up to you... she's still cold, albeit with more visible concern for your well-being.
    Religious values: Aria has no religion.
    General intelligence: Aria is extremely intelligent as compared to your average organic.
    General sociability: Limited. If a conversation or person interests her, she'll speak up, but otherwise will stay quiet.

    Sleeping habits: Aria sleeps nightly.
    Energy level: Aria's energy level is erratic.
    Eating habits: Aria eats whatever is around the house - often, this includes bread and mayonnaise, given who she lives with.
    Memory: Aria has, into being a metanoid, maintained most of her secondary systems; she still has her record-playback feature, and still uses it as a crutch.
    Any unhealthy habits: Aria can easily become so focused as to ignore the greater picture.
    Construction details: Aria has 0.3" thick armor plating on her chest - which is where her neuromorphic processor and sub-A.I. computation systems are kept. Her head is essentially just a sensor array that matches up with humanoid senses. Her limbs and head are only lightly plated, at 0.15" durasteel armor plating. Aria's entire endoskeleton is supported with durasteel. Aria is moderately top-heavy due to her armor's weight distribution. Aria's synthskin simulates organic warmth, and has tactile sensory capabilities almost on par with a standard organic - this new synthflesh allows her greater sound-insulation, as well, preventing any audible whirring as she moves. Her talons (hands and feet alike) are equipped with sharpened durasteel claws, and her beak is also sharpened durasteel.

    Aria AR-00032-Inf was sent as a bodyguard for the Novakid Pixel Flyt, after some old allies of his heard of his run-in with Atlas. Remembering Pixel's irrationality, this Aria unit made the decision to diverge from her original objective and become civilian.

    - Partner -
    Praxis: She suggested I take on a metanoid existence. While I will not say I have not... occasionally regretted the decision over the past several days, it has been more good than bad. Her penchant for mayonnaise overapplication irks me.

    - Closest Friends -
    Sydney Rebecca Jones: Arguably my closest friend, barring possibly Praxis. She cared for me when I needed it most - and I can never truly repay her for this. She is also a skilled mechanic. That is... not as relevant to me any longer.

    Senascheche Miv Zvenic: A kind soul. She talks a bit faster than I would like, and her understanding of things never truly seems complete... but... she is kind, and somewhat... wise, beneath the rapid pace. My record-playback function has always been helpful with understanding her. I fear others may not have the same luxury.

    - Friends -
    Ki'a: A child... just a child. But so kind. He seems willing to lend his assistance to my mental state, and he is acutely aware of the situation I am in.

    Evelyn Winters and August DiMaggio: My employers. August understands, to a degree, what I am going through with this metanoid transformation, and Evelyn has been quite kind to me. Forgiving, lenient. I fear my luck may run out one day.

    Peaceful or violent: Aria is timid, now, and avoids conflict for the most part. She is fragile, she thinks. In addition, she is as vulnerable to EMP as any other metanoid, and is aware of this weakness.
    Weapon (if applicable): Aria carries a single H&K USP .45 handgun at all times. In addition, Aria keeps an AKM rifle just inside the door of her apartment, 30-round capacity, 7.62x39mm rounds. Aria also possesses an H&K MP7, usually stored under her radio console in her apartment. Finally, Aria keeps an M16A3 rifle under her bed, a VSS Vintorez just inside her bathroom and a Glock 19 on her nightstand. Aria's weapons are all reproduction models, which she searched out due to her affinity for ancient Earth.
    Style of fighting: Technical and analytical, and escalating up only as her opponent does.
    Combat Systems: Aria is possessed of strength and armor greater than your average organic, approximately on par in strength with your average Floran or Apex - certainly stronger than an Avian would normally be, but not ridiculously so. In addition, Aria contains an internal comms system; as a result, she is vulnerable to EMP attacks.

    Occupation: Cashier, at Winter's Wonders.
    Current home: An apartment on Haven City.
    Hobbies/past times: Watching ancient Earth movies, often science fiction.
    Guilty pleasures: Watching way, way too many ancient Earth movies in quick succession.
    Pet peeves: Religious people. She sees it as irrational.
    Pets: None, but she's looking.
    Talents: Aria has learned to play piano in her spare time; mostly ancient Earth classical pieces.
    Favorite colors: Red, black.
    Favorite type of music: A jarring mix of ancient Earth classical, metal, industrial and progressive rock.

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