Archipelago "Leaf-Singer" Ward

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    General Information

    Born Archipelago Leaf-singer on August 20th, 3269 to a small floran tribe located in the fringe, close to the hylotl-ruled side of civspace. Adoptive daughter of David Ward. Sometimes referred to as a "heir" or "right hand man" by him.


    Physical Appearance

    Archie is around six feet four Her skin is an iridescent sky blue, and has a silky, rubbery, hydrophobic texture, split every now and then in an exoskeleton-like pattern that most floran share. Her eyes are large and a uniform black. Her sap blood is a reddish orange, and the inside of her mouth reflects this tint. Her tongue is forked, and she has multiple rows of sharp, pointy teeth. Her foliage, both leaves and petals, are also hydrophobic, reflecting the tropical beaches and rainforests her people come from. A single bright red flower adorns her head, also vaguely tropical in appearance.

    Archie generally wears human-style clothing. Her wardrobe is filled with bright, cheerful colours, and often wears long dresses with sneakers and striped tights. Because she’s a rainforest floran, she gets cold in temperate climates easier, so she likes to wear jackets and long pants when she can. Humidity rarely bothers her.



    Personality type: ISTP

    Political ideology: "Ssstrongessst winsss. Sssmartessst, too."

    Totally stoic, masterful poker face, flat tone of voice, prone to cracking jokes with a completely straight face.
    It's hard to tell how she's feeling unless she wants you to know.
    Slightly more friendly online. She loves excessive emote usage, and shitposting.

    Likes gardening, swords, knives, and wood carving. Also likes tribal florans and outdoorsey people.



    Former tribal floran, captured by pirates at 14, only to accidentally end up in the Carpenter household a month later.
    Freeloaded, then was properly adopted by Dave around the time he started to get his life back together. Her quality of life's seen a significant increase ever since he became senator. She enjoys the Haven paychecks (often spent on her and her college fund) and the attention by-proxy.
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