//ANN: Wild Animal Or Crazed Killer; Man Found Dead In Calypso Brothel

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    [Province] : Olympus
    [Announcement] : Wild Animal or Crazed Killer?

    The 14th victim of the so-called 'Claw Killer' was found this morning in [Olympus]. According to the [CEM], the victims all share a pattern of 'brutal animal attack wounds', but other aspects of the scene indicate that either an animal was released and re-captured in their homes, or the killer has uses beast-like weapons. No further information on the investigation or leads has been released, nor information regarding the victims.

    [Province] : Lapetus
    [Announcement] : Man Found Dead In Brothel Amidst Sex-Worker Strike

    Just one week after [Eris-Ralph-Portman Services] brought in dozens of [Aphrodite-model] androids, a line of high-end sex robots, to break the strike, a murder occurred in one of the brothels they are licensed to operate in. The brothel has been temporarily closed while investigations proceed.

    [Delphine Eris], a senior partner at the company, had this to say:

    "This is a terrible tragedy. We will cooperate with the [Magistrate] completely in order to swiftly determine the cause and prevent it in the future."

    The [CSU], Calypso Sex Worker's Union, condemned the company for "using such blatant anti-labor tactics," and is calling on the [Viceroyalty] to ban commercial use of non-sapient sex robots.

    The Magistrate indicated they may "test a new program" for the investigation, though exact details are not yet known.

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