//ANN: Hadrian Line Construction Begins

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    [Province] : Olympus
    [Announcement] : Hadrian Line Construction Begins

    After decades of promise under three different governments, the train line linking [Hadrian] to the [Olympus Metropolitan Zone] has finally begun. Hadrian, one of the oldest settlements on the planet, was hit hard during [the Collapse]. Prior to the Collapse, Hadrian primarily exported lumber and cash crops. Following the Collapse, it has struggled to completely recover. The farming is dedicated to subsistence and the primary exports are locally mined resources.

    The new train line is prospected to breath new life into the old city, reducing import-export costs dramatically and significantly increasing the mobility of the population. Several new industries are expected to grow, including tourism and even the return of industrial crops.

    Department Heads [Paya Itzicuitla] and [XQP4XY-δ] of the [DCD] and [DOLT] respectively gave remarks at the ground-breaking ceremony in Olympus. Private investor [Tarquin Hargreave], former water magnate and present Chief Executive Officer of the state-owned [Zelis Utility Company] was also in attendance.

    Initial track-laying across the route is expected to be finished in coming weeks, and the full train line is expected to be in functionality by the end of the year.

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