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    Name: Almalah Drive / Guideoil Engine

    Description: A pitch-black substance that smells of cinnamon, as well as a modification made to Hyperdrives, or standalone engines meant to harness it. On occasion, one can see ‘stars’ twinkle in and out of the liquid.

    • Allows a spacecraft to ‘pave’ a temporary Hyperlane ahead of it. This is often utilized to make ‘short cuts’ through the galaxy.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    • If drunk, it causes one to develop Retour al Vide.
    • If you look through a bottle of Guideoil while in darkness, you see the night sky of Hyperspace.
    • The appearance of Guideoil changes slightly in the presence of Qadim or Qadim corpses, allowing for one to 'dowse' for them using it.

    • Hyperlanes created like this close within a week, if not ‘repaved.’ This can lead to ships getting stranded if not properly planned.
    • Requires training to use effectively. Many will ‘overshoot’ their destination, not used to such freedom of movement at such speeds.
    • Rare. The substance is only found through fossils found on the planet Tarridus, or in smaller doses in a few Hyperspace planets.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    • If drunk, it causes one to develop Retour al Vide.

    How does it work: The Guideoil Engine works in a similar way to Stardust Waveriders, using the properties of ‘Almalah’, a rare fuel found in large quantities on the planet Tarridus, to create a ‘safe’ cuil rise around the vessel, and generate a temporary Hyperlane, allowing ships to follow after it.

    Flavor text: Guideoil was first discovered by the natives of Tarridus, after a species of interloper creatures migrated to their planet. In ages since, they have worked to utilize its rare properties. This eventually cultivated the Almalah Drive, since then, their empire has used this rare substance to help larger empires, for the right price.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): Stardust Waveriders, Retour al Vide

    Attainability: Semi-Closed, attainable through RP action involving the Tarridans.

    Tags: [Industrial] [Racial]

    Category: Transportation
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    After lengthy private discussion, I am giving this a fail. You are aware now of what a re-apped version should look like; my primary requirements is that it cannot be just installed into any prexisting ship, it needs to either be some kind of big ship made specifically for this purpose, or some kind of tamed creature similar to a waverider that can do it.
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