Alexander Steelchain, Jr.

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    General Information

    Name: Alexander Steelchain, Jr.
    Age: 32
    Date of Birth: August 24th, 3255
    Sexuality: Straight
    Theme Music:
    Occupation: Highwayman
    Skills: Adept at hiding and going unnoticed, pretty good with firearms.
    Personality: Friendly and approachable,albeit somewhat antisocial. Overall a nice person despite his status a criminal
    Phobias: Batracophobia, Elurophobia, Insectophobia
    Likes: Reading, music, the forest and nature in general.
    Dislikes: Any modern technology, wealthy people, tourists.

    Physical Appearance

    Physical Description: Young human male in his early 30s, dressed in ragged clothing and wearing a red bandanna that covers the lower part of his face.
    Tech and Augments used: A flintlock pistol and a dirk knife.
    Height: 5"4
    Race: Caucasian
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male

    Backstory and More

    On-going Story: TBA
    Backstory: The son of a bandit, Alexander spent most of his childhood in the forests of Erebus. At age 20, his father passed away, mortally injured during a robbery gone wrong. Most of his life was spent similarly to his father, hiding out in the woods and robbing the occasional passerby. Despite this, however, Alex began to tire of this life. He tried to redeem himself, only to fail every time. After several failed attempts to turn around, the bandit gave up, returning to his old ways of living in the forest and robbing those unfortunate enough to be walking close enough. Eventually, Alexander got tired of this. He turned around and wandered down the pathway. And wandered. And wandered. And wandered. Eventually, he realized he wasn't in the Undercrypt anymore. Arriving on the surface of Purgatory, he found an abandoned spaceship and attempted to take it, only to be unable to figure out how the controls work. Undaunted, the bandit hitched a ride to the mainland with a returning group of adventurers. One of the members agreed to take him off the planet, to which he happily obliged. True to her word, the adventurer flew Alexander of Purgatory, dropping him off at a space station. After 25 years, Alex was finally off Purgatory, and free to explore the universe as he saw fit.
    Inspirations: Darkest Dungeon

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