Wearable Aerian Suit

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    Name: Aerian Suit, Windsuit, Ghostsuit

    A armored, rounded suit of armor in urban camo, crisscrossed by tactical rigging and wiring. A smooth, armored bump lines the armor on the back, disguising a PPMD and a cloaking device. Under the armor and rigging is a light exoskeleton, smooth along the user's body. A helmet, chock full of diagnostic applications and different lenses for the user to use.

    Though expensive, the inclusion of a Personal Phase Matter Drive allows for a unprecedented level of stealth.
    Cloaking- A standard cloaking device lines the suit's armor, allowing for decent cloaking.
    Armor- The armor of the suit is compromised of steel-core body armor, capable of matching III body armor.
    Exoskeleton- The exoskeleton mitigates the weight on the user, allowing freedom of movement.
    Heat Containment- The suit shields body heat by using insulated materials to keep heat inside the suit until vented.
    Gasproof- The suit contains enough air for 20 minute bursts, and can be refilled from most any aerated environment.
    Padded Soles- Footsteps are muffled.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    Environmental Shielding-
    Due to the insulation of the suit, it can stand up in extremely cold environments aswell as space.

    Due to the suit's body-heat shielding, running the cloak and/or PPMD will produce heat quickly, which is banked in a section of the backpack. However, running the suit for more than 5 Minutes without venting will inevitably lead to the user frying inside, leading to a slow and agonizing death.
    Compromises- If there's any compromise to the cloak, I.E. falling, bullet wounds, brute force, there will be a busted portion in the area force was applied. Light touch doesn't affect the cloaking cells, however. Additionally, any damage to the back of the suit risks disabling the PPMD, cloak entirely, and the exoskeleton. Extraordinarily expensive to replace if the back is completely compromised.
    EMP- Emps will shut down the suit until it has time to reboot, which is 2 combat turns.
    Air- Only 20 minutes of air are stored in the suit, and must be refilled after.
    Battery- The battery will only last for 5 bursts of the cloak and PPMD, and must be recharged after. Being a DE battery, if it is hit- Being, again, in the back- it will likely explode.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    Hot Environments-
    The suit cannot be worn in temperatures over 200F, as this will fry the internals and then the user themselves.

    How does it work: By combining a light exoskeleton, armor, cloak, and PPMD, the Aerian suit is the pinnacle of stealth technology. In the Fringe, at least.

    Flavor text: Developed by Windhoek's Engineers and Commissioned by Vittoria.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): https://galactic-citizen.com/threads/personal-phase-matter-drive.255/

    Attainability: Semi-Closed. Must be bought or earned through IC action with Windhoek, or maybe Vittoria.

    Tags: Military.

    Category: Wearable.
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    Hi. I'll be grading this application today. I have several questions.

    How does the exoskeleton mitigate a user's weight?
    How much of the body does the armor cover, and does it cover both the front and back of those parts?
    How much would you estimate the suit itself weighs, and how thick would you say the armor plating is? A helpful reference to use for scale is iruler. This is going to affect how much its footsteps are going to be muffled, which I am worried about in any case. Metal armor is noisy.
    You mentioned that it has an air supply. How would this suit fare in water?
    How quickly are you expecting a person wearing this to run? Does the exoskeleton assist in movement using any sort of powered parts, such a pneumatics, hydraulics or servos?
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    On account of the poster being banned and therefore unable to answer these questions, this application is now denied.