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    Name: Aegallium

    Description: Aegallium appears as a liquid metal at room temperature, with a silvery oxide surface and a pale green color that easily reflects light as a metal. Aegallium is an alloy of aegisalt and gallium that has the ability to form an amalgam with certain metals, weakening their internal structure. When used as a weapon, it is typically mixed in with a flammable gel such as napalm so that it can burn through plate carrier mesh and reach the metallic plates and so its harder to freeze. Its most common use is as a tool to crack open things such as locks or doors, but it can also be used in combat.

    • Has the ability to stick to and degrade metals, including those used in certain armor plates, allowing them to crack and crumble even under lower caliber fire. This can also be used to degrade metals in non-combat situations, like to break through a metal barrier or safe.
    • Takes time to infuse the crystal lattice of the metals, taking around three CRP turns before infusing enough of armor plating to start making a difference, continuing to degrade it afterwards.
    • Freezes at a higher temperature due to its gallium composition, causing it to freeze at only 10 C (50 F). It is useless when frozen.
    • Will not work against glass-like metals such as ferozium or violium. It is less effective against metals such as impervium that are doped with carbon or another element, taking double the usual time.
    • While when mixed with napalm it will generally burn through most plate carrier meshes, it cannot burn through things such as glass
    • Will no longer have the unique radar-stealth property of aegisalt.
    How does it work: Basing off the common property of gallium to form amalgams with certain metals such as aluminum, aegisalt is added to gallium to create a eutectic alloy of the two metals called aegallium. The aegisalt greatly improves gallium's ability to form amalgams, allowing it to form amalgams with most types of metals and faster. When mixed with water, the degraded amalgam will foam dark and generate hydrogen gas.

    Flavor text: While originally created as a more effective means of synthesizing certain aegisalt compounds, its primary use was adopted by thieves as a way to more easily crack through metal locks and safes. In some cases it also served as a means to weaken armor plating, such as in the form of a small grenade that explodes in aegallium and burning napalm, or inside of a flame thrower.

    Referenced Technologies: Aegisalt codex

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