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    * General Information *
    First name: Adela
    Middle name(s): n/a
    Surname: Jiriil
    Age: 34 (36)
    Date of birth: January 28th 3252 (December ?, 3250)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Current residence: Ship
    Relationship status: Married
    Financial standing: Multi-millionaire

    * Traits of Voice *
    Accent (if any): Light Polvoian-Spanish accent.
    Language spoken: Galactic Common.
    Other languages known: Spanish, Axolotian (and a little of other Hylotian dialects), Raxxiri.
    Style of speaking: Professionally she’s got a polite and proper tone, however most of the time she has a far more casual yet kind demeanor when among friends.
    Volume of voice: Inside voice, generally.

    * Physical Appearance *
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: About 120 lbs.
    Eye color: Marble-white.
    Skin color: Vanta-black.
    Shape of face: Diamond.
    Distinguishing features: Adela clearly bears the appearance of someone with visitant symbiosis, sharing likeness with the visitant species.
    Build of body: Small frame, though fit.
    Hair color: Deep blue.
    Hair style: Either natural or in a bun.
    Complexion: Lacks any visual depth, almost like a 2D image. Becomes shiny after a swim or standing in the rain.
    Posture: Straight, but depends on her mood.
    Tattoos: None.
    Piercings: Ear piercings.
    Typical clothing: Tends to cover up modestly, fond of typical jackets, t-shirts and jeans, but also wears dresses and other particularly feminine attire from time to time.

    * Personality *
    Likes: Practicing medicine, helping others, performing research, video games, etc. Oh, and things like guns, explosives, knives. Also cats.
    Dislikes: Eyeguards. Hooter. Shifters. Cults. Dianas. Raiders. Corporate Executives. Microtransactions. Etc.
    Education: Exceptional education, and is a qualified physician. Has extensive research into multiple biologies and pathogens.
    Fears: Separation from her husband, boats, shifters, gold fruits, open voids, giant trees, samurai, deadbeats. The list goes on a long ways.
    Personal goals: Numerable, though a few stand out. Make her positive mark on the world, come to understand the unknown, and live a peaceful/happy life with her husband. Vengeance too.
    General attitude: Tired, slightly lazy.
    Religious values: There are gods and they are malevolent.
    General intelligence: Quite intelligent, and clever in some situations. Tends to get down when presented with something she poorly understands.
    General sociability: Introverted (Formerly socialite).

    * Health *
    Illnesses (if any): PTSD. Night terrors. Probably more.
    Allergies (if any): None.
    Sleeping habits: 6 to 8 hours, but sleeps in a lot.
    Energy level: Fluctuates.
    Eating habits: Eats often, diet consisting of a combination of human/hylotian cuisine, though with the latter she tends for non-vegan dishes.
    Memory: Good.
    Any unhealthy habits: Tends to eat and drink too much if she doesn’t moderate herself. Unhealthy thoughts.

    * History *
    Public knowledge:
    Adela Jriil, formerly Adela Rodriguez, is a known physician who made herself known through her work on Haven, as well as a figure with visitant symbisis. Under Lilium, she had been very proactive during the time of the shifter crisis. She managed to cure someone of the shifter affliction before they had turned, a great accomplishment, though this was left unacknowledged officially.

    She also had some short-lived fame on a Haven website called Hooter, where she was the recipient of harassment from many users because of her visitant symbiosis. It currently appears she has deleted her account on the site.

    * Relationships & Family *
    Parents: None.
    Siblings: Cheryl (deceased), Greta (unknown).
    Any enemies (and why): Hates ICIF. Hates cults far and wide. Has a major distrust of Eyeguards as a whole. Hates most Shifters. List goes on.
    Children: None, and isn't planning to adopt currently.

    * People *
    (in no particular order) (dm if you want me to add someone)

    Tahi: I’d go through every one of my hardships again in a heartbeat, just for him.

    Lillian: She’s the most dependable of all my friends, and so supportive too. I’ve seen her grow a lot as a person, but it still stings to think that I watched her die, once.

    RedHorizon: Nobody gets me like RH does, and nobody gets them like I do. They’re like a sibling to me.

    Belle: She’s a sweetheart. We don’t talk enough.

    Mir: Kind and trusting to a fault. But he’s a good friend, and I can tell he enjoys helping others. I just hope nobody takes advantage of him.

    Dave: He’s crazy and hurt my hubby once, but after everything he’s been kind to me. Tahi forgave him though, so I have too.

    Robin Flynn: I want to appreciate her, but I don’t need a repeat of Tusk.

    Seru: She’s kind of scary, but she’s Lillian’s friend, and helped to rescue me. I should talk to her sometime.

    Mae: Nice knight lady.

    Morgan Snip: Why’d I date this guy again?

    Doctor Fux: There needs to be more doctors like him. I think he’s more passionate than I am. But I can’t quite say that means much anymore.

    Kannon Iverso: Rot in hell.

    * Combat *
    Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, with few exceptions.
    Weapon (if applicable): Variety. Guns, knives, and anything she can get her hands on.
    Style of fighting: Resourceful and desperate.

    * Others *
    Occupation: Work from home, performing online work for Ikeda.
    Current home: Ship.
    Favorite types of food: Seafood, pickles, peaches, she likes her sweets.
    Favorite types of drink: Water, tea, fruit juice, coffee. Hates soda.
    Hobbies/past times: Doodling, blowing up/shooting things with Tahi, singing, camping, biking, video games, list goes on a little ways honestly.
    Guilty pleasures: Alcohol, some other things.
    Pet peeves: People who have power and exercise it to take advantage of those below them, abuse of power. People with dubious ethics.
    Pets: Her cat, Minny. And some fish.
    Talents: Those related to her profession and hobbies. Good at making people not dead.
    Favorite colors: A tie between blue and red, for several reasons.
    Favorite type of music: She’ll listen to a great deal of things, but tends to shy away from genres like dubstep, heavy metal, nightcore, etc.
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