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    Name: A third, yet smaller gun

    With a roar the vigilante throws herself at the pirate boss, forcefully wrenching his second, smaller gun from his hands before being thrown aside, the second, smaller gun breaking on impact. She gasps and looks up, a look of horror washing over her face as the pirate boss reaches into his coat again, pulling out a third, yet smaller gun.

    + A third, yet smaller gun: When wielding this technology you always have access to a third, yet smaller gun.

    - Requires a second, smaller gun: In order to be properly applied, the wielder must have the ability to produce a second, smaller gun, else they cannot produce a third, yet smaller gun and will instead simply create a second, smaller gun.
    - A third, yet smaller gun: Although it can produce guns, the guns it produces always have to be smaller than the original gun and the second, smaller gun of the wielder. In addition it can only be drawn after the first and second gun has been expelled, eviscerated, eradicated, exterminated or any other such occurrence (doesn't strictly have to start with an 'e')

    How does it work?:
    A third, yet smaller gun makes use of advancements in EtM printing technology to make use of a small drive and printer that can be fitted inside a coat, suit of armour or other apparel. When the device notes the loss of a primary weapon and the subsequent loss of a second, smaller weapon it immediately prints a third, yet smaller gun to be equipped by the wearer.

    Flavour text:
    Recent advancements in EtM tech have only worked to improve preexisting tech, and enable completely new ones. A third, yet smaller gun, now being feasible, means that the potential for the creation of a fourth, even smaller gun and even a fifth, yet even smaller gun is not such an unimaginable feat. Truly, this is an exciting time we live in.

    Referenced technologies: A second, smaller gun. EtM tech. Guns.

    Attainability: (Open)

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