05 - The Haven Guard

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    “We are the Haven Guard -
    Hope is always in our sight, everything we do a deed,
    First to fight, last to leave, our will we will not cede,
    Haven bless that we may lead,
    In the wartorn wastes marked by our creed.”

    The Haven Guard holds several functions to the Haven Federation; it is its primary police force, investigative unit, and it engages in a great many humanitarian efforts throughout the Federation, and it serves as a symbol of hope and peace to many citizens of the Haven Federation. The Haven Guard can best be described as an organization of almost vigilante-like heroes — once a Guard achieves the Defender rank, they are given a lot more autonomy and freedom in how they deliver justice, allowing them to commission custom armor and equipment. In this way, the Haven Guard differs from most other police forces

    The independent and heroic nature of the Guard stems from its origins as a loose, volunteer association of vigilantes. In the unstable times of the Fringe Protectorate, the enforcement of law and order was done by vigilantes who acted outside of the weak police force of the Protectorate. These heroes would go out of their way and enforce good on the Protectorate, bringing criminals to justice and ensuring the law was carefully applied. However, as the appearance of some bad actors in the hero community caused public outcry, the Protectorate Guard was formed as a way to formally register and hold heroes accountable for their deeds, turning them into public servants and outlawing vigilantism. When the Haven Federation formed, the Protectorate Guard was simply renamed.

    There are seven major ranks among the Haven Guard, with each rank having its own class:
    • Protector
    • Vigilant
    • Peacekeeper
    • Defender
    • Paladin
    • Sentinel
    • Guardian
    • High Guardian
    Each rank other than High Guardian is also divided into letter classes: D, C, B, A, and then S. When a guard is at S class in a certain rank, then their next promotion will take them to the next rank. Promotions are done either by the High Guardian or Guardians when an individual Guard shows potential and skill and deeds in several areas. Promotions to another class are simpler to obtain, but promotions to higher ranks after a Guard becomes a Defender requires exceptional skill and effort.

    The lower ranks of the Haven Guard (Protector to Peacekeeper) function as a regular police force, having to follow a strict code regarding their operation, uniform, and equipment. Once a guard is promoted to Defender, however, much of these restrictions are lifted; they are permitted to operate independently under discretion from their superiors to enforce the law and they are able to utilize non-standard custom equipment and armor — some even wear costumes. When not operating independently, guards are often assisting the ranks above them and helping manage various parts of the Guard if they are a high enough rank. The Guardians often manage precincts of the guard and report directly to the High Guardian.

    Guards in the Haven Guard are identified by a badge number which can be linked to their name via a database, in order to retain anonymity while out in the field. Once a guard becomes a Defender, they may choose to use a unique identifier that is used similar to a codename that the public often knows them as, though many guards don’t care about their anonymity as much as some do.

    The Haven Guard has branches that operate independently in each district. Each district is led by a High Guardian that decides the rules and policies for their district’s Guard. The Haven Guard of the Capital District is the federal guard, policing the Capital District and acting as federal agents that are sometimes sent to other districts to sort matters out and enforce federal law, similar to the FBI. The High Guardian of the Capital District also meets with the other districts’ Guards and ensures they are operating smoothly and following federal law. The Haven Guard for each district often operates and are viewed differently. In the Capital District, they typically operate and are viewed by the public as heroes, often operating independently in order to bring criminals to justice. In the Corrav district, they are viewed more as corrupt heroes by the populace, often only doing their jobs when it benefits their reputation or taking bribes. In the Rendera district, the guard is viewed with scorn by the Portugese population and positively by the Italian population. In the Yggdrasil district, guards are often selected by spiritual leaders. In the Bastion district, many members of the guard were formerly members of the King’s Guard in the Silent Bastion, back when it was still a hivemind.

    The High Guardians of the Haven Guard are:
    • The High Guardian of Haven: High Guardian CIRCLEYE.453286.β, Visitant
    • The High Guardian of Rendera: High Guardian Marco Risotto, Human
    • The High Guardian of Yggdrasil: High Guardian Tehfini Moala, Anoloa
    • The High Guardian of Corrav: High Guardian Evalyen Mykheil Vazdor, Igrian
    • The High Guardian of the Silent Bastion: High Guardian Wirin Starslayer, Glitch

    To join the Haven Guard, please use this form. You may only be a Guard if you are a citizen of the Haven Federation.
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