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    The Spine of the Federation
    The ARCHANGEL Network is a vast administrative artificial intelligence network that performs a huge variety of clerical duties and functions vital to the Haven Federation. It is controlled by a central superintelligence commonly known as the Providence. The ARCHANGEL Network is able to provide for its vast number of functions through the ability to recursively split administrative units of itself into shards known as instances that the system designs to perform various tasks that must be completed. These instances can be found throughout the Federation’s network, and are most commonly interacted with via computer applications or robots and drones that have an instance of ARCHANGEL loaded into them. These instances are vital for the functioning of the Haven Federation, and some instances are even rented by private parties for administrative use.

    The ARCHANGEL Network has various ranks of different instances it has created to administer different functions; these instances can also recursively create more instances, allowing a highly efficient division of labor among the network. As instances become more subdivided, less computational power becomes allocated to them; Providence and the seraphs tend to usually be the only instances that are capable of conscious thought, though they cannot feel emotion. Higher level instances that are instances created by Providence are called Seraphims. Instances created by Seraphims are called virtues. Instances created by virtues are called angels. Here is a list of the most prominent instances of ARCHANGEL:​
    • Seraph Instance “Raguel” — Administration for the Haven Guard.
    • Seraph Instance “Azrael” — Administration for LILIUM and other medical companies.
    • Seraph Instance “Gabriel” — Administration for the Haven Military and its branches.
    • Seraph Instance “Raziel” — Administration for the Gaia University.
    • Seraph Instance “Sandalphon” — Administration for federal bureaucracy and the Senate.
    • Seraph Instance “Uriel” — Administration for the SOLUS Corporation.
    Instances of ARCHANGEL can be found everywhere; on datapad apps serving as help AIs, service robots meant to interact with humans, combat drones for the military, etc. The ARCHANGEL network is secure as each instance is only given data that it requires for its function, and data shared between the network is encrypted. It is redundant, allowing instances of ARCHANGEL to operate even if parts of the network are down. Instances are dynamic, being created and destroyed all the time; in some cases, instances may even transfer or swap with other instances to complete tasks not suited for it, for example a customer service instance swapping with a medical instance when someone within its vicinity becomes injured. Some instances can also be made “persistent”, hard loading themselves into a device that may not be connected to the ARCHANGEL network in circumstances where they may not have nexus connection.

    The ARCHANGEL Network was created in the year 3260 by a team of scientists at the Gaia University. Haven was rapidly growing as a nation, and its administration and bureaucracy was beginning to become wasteful, requiring an administrative AI as many large colonies do. The leader of the scientists, the famed engineer Dr. Victor Marcovici, designed the AI to be as futureproof as possible, making it so that it can easily adapt to any given task efficiently, and making it so that it can be easily expanded with more computational power and data storage as needed. The rapid success and adoption of the ARCHANGEL network allowed Haven to grow as a nation, with the Gaia University acting as the head of its scientific and education community, allowing the university to ingrain itself into the federation as its practically sole provider of education.

    Today, the ARCHANGEL Network processes petabytes of information every minute, and is able to store zettabytes of persistent data securely. The majority of the ARCHANGEL Network’s computational power and data storage is found within the computer science wing of the Gaia University, where Dr. Marcovici and his team of scientists continue to maintain and improve on the system. The ARCHANGEL Network also has a variety of data centers located off-campus in order to make the entire network more redundant.​
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