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    The various cultures of the Haven Federation celebrate a large variety of different holidays, many of which are hosted as on or off server events.

    Date District Holiday Description
    Bimonthly All Lapetusian Eclipse Approximately twice a month (the second and third fridays), the gas giant of Lapetus completely covers the twin stars of Haven, casting the entire moon of Haven into a global darkness that lasts for around half an earth day.
    Late January Yggdrasil Homage Day Homage Day is a deeply religious holiday in which Yggdrasil citizens pay homage to the Yggdrasil. Attendees are expected to wear traditional, all-natural clothes. Events include dancing and hymn singing until a massive feast is held in the evening where even outsiders are invited. Due to recent political tensions and the heinous treatment of the tree by non-Yggdrasilites, the feast has been consistently postponed and cancelled, but increasingly more members of the District have been openly pushing for the feast to resume in an effort to mend Yggdrasil’s reputation with the outside world.
    February 14th All Valentines Day Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to the celebration of love.
    March 8th Capital Lobster Day Lobster day is a national holiday celebrating crustaceans, associated with David Ward. Followers of David Ward wild out on this day, causing many to stay indoors.
    Early April Rendera Carnevale Renderan Carnevale is a traditional italian holiday that occurs before Lent. The festival features a variety of events and games, and it is famous for its attendees wearing of a carnevale mask to hide their face.
    May 1st Rendera Primeiro de Mayo Primeiro de Mayo appears to be a mutation of a much older Earth holiday, brought to Rendera and the Capital District by Humans. Supposedly it has a historical significance, but nowadays is mostly a celebration of Portuguese Renderan culture and an excuse to party, dance, and drink in exotic costumes. Floats and music in the streets are quite common. It was originally only celebrated in Rendera but has since become popular in areas of Capital to a lesser extent.
    Late May, Rendera Festival of the Golden Wind Known as the festival di vento aureo, the Golden Wind Festival is a Renderan festival in which the primary event is the flying of homemade kites of all sizes. The festival occurs during a period where a special tree with golden leaves called the aureleaf sheds its leaves, resulting in waves of golden petals being blown over Rendera by the wind, thus dubbing it the 'golden wind'.
    Early June Yggdrasil Flower Festival The Flower Festival is a Yggdrasil festival held during a period where the Yggdrasil tree begins to bloom a massive number of flowers during spring. People will pick someone's favorite flowers and make them into things such as bracelets, necklaces, wreathes, etc., and give it to them, which they will wear during the days the festival is held. The festival has recently become popular in other districts.
    June Yggdrasil Spirits' Revelry Spirits’ Revelry is a holiday practiced by many Florans and other animistic religions in the district, in which people prevent bad or trickster spirits from entering their homes by building a small wooden house similar to a birdhouse and filling it with treats and other offerings with a candle lit on top. The spirits will then move into the spirit house instead to throw a party instead of entering your home. The next morning, you turn the house over and burn it with the candle to dissuade the spirits from inhabiting it permanently.
    June 20th Yggdrasil Long-Sun Day Celebration of the summer solstice in Yggdrasil. The holiday lasts for four days for each season, with themed events occurring for each season such as wood carving, botany, bonfires, banquets, and more. The final day corresponding to summer ends with a large hunt where large animals are hunted with spears.
    July Capital Zephyr Cloud Festival An event which has been celebrated annually within the heart of Haven City each year since the groundbreaking of the new Capital District over 13 years ago, the Zephyr Cloud Festival is performed during a migratory event. An event which all natives look forward to particularly is the Zephyr Dance, performed under the leaves of the iconic Haven Tree as the Zephyr float overhead. A strange, cloud-like species of alien organisms found abundantly on Haven, the Zephyrs follow a strict migratory path each year to feeding and breeding grounds, a major stopping point being the center of Haven City. Millions of the creatures flood the skies, casting a light-blue shadow over the city as they drift about aimlessly. This annual migratory stop generally takes place mid-summer in the month of July. During this time, cotton candy is commonly consumed. wake up
    July 17th Corrav Remembrance Day This day we remember all that lost their lives during the Corravian Shifter Crisis. It is a day of mourning, though some use the day as an opportunity to openly spread their hate against the Shifters, the ICIF, and even Atlas.
    August Capital Triumph Day Triumph Day celebrates the founding of the Haven Federation by Leda Portia after the collapse of the Fringe Council, and the day Haven won against the Ruin Flagship. Founding Day is equivalent to modern America’s independence day; Havenite colors fly all across the city, the anthem is played, and the Grand Protector of Haven reaffirms Haven’s allegiance to democracy.
    Late August Corrav Ultrabowl Ultrabowl is the Corravian equivalent of super bowl, in which a massive basketball tournament is held. Corravians get very passionate about it.
    September All Memorial Day A day honoring those who perished in the fight to protect Haven, the Fringe Protectorate, and the Fringe Council. Anniversary of the day Haven was glassed by the Black Empire.
    Late September Corrav Labor Day Labor Day is a holiday honoring the common man, a day which many hold important in Corrav. However, it is also common for protests and riots to occur due to the class inequality present in Corrav.
    October 4th Bastion Waking Dream's Hallow This day serves as the anniversary to Bastion’s liberation by the Haven Expeditionary Force. A primary theme of the holiday is the martyrdom of the Minstrel, who sacrificed herself in order for the HEF to carry out the mission. During the morning and afternoon, Bastionites pay reverence to the Minstrel by singing the Song of the Saviors, writing religious music and plays, and creating other forms of religious art. In the evening and night, they will celebrate the Minstrel and the HEF with lavish feasts and parties.
    October 31st All Halloween Many in the Haven Federation continue the celebration of the holiday Halloween, dressing up in spooky costumes, going door to door asking for candy, and more. The Cultural Committee also typically sponsors a costume contest.
    Early November Capital Veterans' Day This day celebrates the veterans of the Haven Federation, including the Guard, Army, Navy, and more.
    Late November Capital, Corrav White Saturday White Saturday is the Havenite equivalent of Black Friday, a widely capitalist holiday in which companies will hold deals for people in the rush of Winterlas shopping.
    December All Winterlas A winter-themed celebration, Winterlas is a more multireligious form of the Christmas commonly celebrated in Rendera; it lasts for the entire week, each day symbolizing a virtue; Purity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and finally humility. Different events take place each day, and the whole festival is focused on family, friends, gift giving, and forgiveness.
    December 21st Bastion Firepit Festival The Firepit Festival is the Bastionite celebration of the winter solstice. Bastionites will light a large bonfire and everyone will light a candle from it, keeping it lit for the duration of the festival - for it to go out is considered bad luck. Lots of time is spent playing music and with family, and the Glitch will use the day to dress in their finest clothes and polish their chassis.
    December 31st All New Year's Eve The celebration of the new year.
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