Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021


    Blood is on your hands! (Win an IC fight, proof must be provided via screenshot or vouch.)

  2. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021


    Join the Fight! (This achievement is awarded to Galactic Citizens who devote themselves to a faction.)

  3. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021


    The story of my life. (Write a long and detailed character sheet.)

  4. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021

    Blood Donor

    You have donated to the lifeblood of Galaxy Citizen. (Donate to Galaxy Citizen.)

  5. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021

    Bury Me With My Computer

    Everything is tinted neon-green. (Play Starbound for more than 1500 hours and provide proof.)

  6. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021


    Is this thing on? (Be active in the Galaxy Citizen Discord’s voice-chat channels. Confirmed with a vouch.)

  7. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021

    Click Click Clack

    Carpal tunnel ahoy. (Be active on the Galaxy Citizen Discord’s text channels. Confirmed with a vouch.)

  8. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021


    Verified Vilified. (Become infamous for your actions.)

  9. Awarded: Apr 17, 2021

    That's the Horse's Ass!

    Is this some kind of reference? (Plan and pull off a scheduled event or performance on a major hub.)

  10. Awarded: Feb 1, 2021

    Death is Real

    The story of your character has ended. With them gone forever, how will their comrades react? (Have one of your characters permanently killed. Be it by your own hand or by another. )

  11. Awarded: Jul 29, 2018

    Galactic Citizenship

    The first step... (Citizens who have joined our online community and started a discussion will be awarded citizenship.)