Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Jul 27, 2021

    Click Click Clack

    Carpal tunnel ahoy. (Be active on the Galaxy Citizen Discord’s text channels. Confirmed with a vouch.)

  2. Awarded: Feb 4, 2021

    Badge Brotherhood

    Θηρόποσα Χείρ. (Fill out an achievement form for another user.)

  3. Awarded: Feb 1, 2021


    Verified Vilified. (Become infamous for your actions.)

  4. Awarded: Feb 1, 2021

    Server Supporter

    The @everyone electorate. (Vote at least 10 times in a month for Galaxy Citizen on the server lister.)

  5. Awarded: Feb 1, 2021


    Your building skills have created new opportunities. (Build a public hub and write its codex.)

  6. Awarded: Jan 1, 2021

    Galactic Citizenship

    The first step... (Citizens who have joined our online community and started a discussion will be awarded citizenship.)