Genetic Zy'lythen - "Lashtongue"

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    Name: Lashtongue, Zy’lythen

    Description: A carrier of the Zy’lythen mod or any of its offworld equivalents will appear to have a much longer, thinner tongue than is normal for their species, which appears to extend outward to an unsettling and apparently impossible length, up to 2’ extended from the body. Said tongue appears serrated, and can move faster than one would expect.

    • Zy’lythen-modded individuals can use their tongue similarly to a whip, and can extend it outward and lash it across someone’s skin quickly enough to sting, or even cause mild injuries on particularly thin-skinned individuals.
    • Individuals with this particular mod also have all the benefits one would expect of a long, highly prehensile appendage attached to their face - one can, in theory, lift lightweight objects with their modified tongue. That said, it is a tongue, and its ability to lift objects is extremely limited as a result.
    • Extremely limited lifting capacity, cannot exceed half a pound.
    • Zy’lythen-modded individuals have their sense of taste reduced as a result of the modification.
    How does it work: In a fashion similar to hummingbirds, a series of intricate tubes are carved into the skull of the individual, and their tongue is replaced with a longer, thinner muscle which can be retracted into said tubes. This allows the individual to appear entirely normal so long as the tongue is retracted. The tongue is also normally barbed for additional use as a weapon, but this is not always the case.

    Flavor text: First designed by an Arcos Keth’al, or fleshweaver, by the name of Kyl’sha Arcos Gara’mekh, the Zy’lythen, or pain-tongue, was designed as a discreet and easily-hidden weapon for use in self-defense scenarios. The design was recovered by Fringe corporations when Kyl’sha attempted to escape her homeworld and was found dead in a backwater colony; naturally, she had the modification herself. The modification then spread among various Fringe circles, and is now relatively common and easy to come across.

    Attainability: Open

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    First pass.
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