Xiounus (AKA Gossa City)

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    Planet Name: Xiounus
    The planet is a small arctic world that is only habitable with the use of technology and external resources. It has a few mountain ranges and wide variety of native animals who have evolved to survive in the harsh winter climate of the planet.
    Resources: The planet has a fair amount of rubium and other more common metals on it though most of it is deep below and requires extensive mining to reach and harvest.
    Population Size: Currently none but soon to be ~3.
    Settlements: There is only one real notable settlement on the planet, an abandoned mining settlement who's original inhabitants were killed when they dug their mine into a nest of poptops which proceeded to massacre the mostly defenseless mining colony.
    Backstory Permissions: Closed/Uninhabited
    Notes: Intended to be the start of a small settlement so there will be plenty of activity around the site of the former mining settlement. Might expand out and get more set up on the planet given time.
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