Weekly Newsletter #321

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    • Warm front comin' in. Stay cool and try at Manitoba's tavern this holiday weekend!
    • The Hidden North Shrine Kharmagheddon event is reaching its climactic conclusion! Log in now to receive your complimentary Daring Rider bundle!
      Contents of the Daring Rider bundle are character bound and non transferrable. Only one Daring Rider bundle may be opened per character.
    • Eclipse is coming.
    • Dark Kai and his band of hoodlums that were squatting by the water mill have been thoroughly routed. Use of the water mill may resume as normal.
    • Due to a lack of funds the weekly newsletter will become a quinquennial newsletter. ran out of ink oops hehe
    • GOP House 'informant' indicted on allegations he was an agent for China. Gal Luft, 57, was charged with acting as an unregistered agent for the Chinese government, trafficking weapons and lying to federal agents.
    Dark Universe:
    • Gxulqj d suhvv frqihuhqfh, Vhqdwru Hylo Gdyh Zdug hasuhvvhg wkdw kh kdg d "vlqlvwhu lghd euhzlqj lq klv pdohyrohqw plqg". Zkhq txhvwlrqhg rq lw, kh phqwlrqhg frqgxfwlqj dq hashglwlrq wkurxjk wkh vwuhhwv ri Hylo Fruudy wr xswxuq jduedjh fdqv iru wkh vdnh ri "irvwhulqj pdbkhp dqg xquhvw". Judqg Surwhfwru Hylo Flufoh-Hbh ghqlhv dqb lqyroyhphqw, wkrxjk fodvvlilhg grfxphqwv ohdnhg rq Hylo Krrwhu vxjjhvw kh pdb kdyh ehhq ixqglqj wkh rshudwlrq.
    • Got anything you want to see in the next newsletter? Scream into the wind.
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