Vistriean Night Lynx

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    Name: Vistriean Night Lynx.

    Description: Vistriean Night Lynxes are popular among the Floran populace, their fur coats becoming practical for windy/cold days, as well as their size being big enough to ride them as mounts. Their speed helps them in hunting prey down, as well as assisting those who choose to ride them easy transportation to where they need to go.

    Behavior: Night Lynxes spend their lives hunting in families of five to ten. Often splitting up when a family grows too large. Typically they stick to territory they claim in either the mountains,forests and plains in the Twilight Region. Fluffalo and Mooshi are their preferred prey. While most adult Night Lynxes exist in the mountainous and forested areas of the Twilight Region, in rare cases they are known to live in the Nightside Region. Though, those living in the Nightside Region tend to stay close to the edge of the continent, as while their thick fur insulates them from the extreme cold, there aren’t many sources of food deeper within the Nightside Region.

    Tamability: Taming a wild Night Lynx from a young age is a fairly easy task, if you can catch one away from its family. An wild adult Night Lynx is very difficult to tame, requiring months or in some cases years of time and risk of injury and/or death. The Floran tribes of Vistriea have been taming them for centuries. Cubs and adult Night Lynxes that are sold are often already trained or will take considerably less time to train, as well as the smaller chance of injury.

    Where is it found?: Primarily forest and mountain areas of the Twilight Region. In incredibly rare cases can even be found in some areas of the Nightside Region.

    Rarity: Native to Vistriea. Fairly rare, they mainly stick to their territory unless food becomes scarce or they are driven out.

    Diet/Method of gaining nutrients and energy: Carnivore.

    Products: Their fur coats are very soft and provide insulation from cold weather and their meat is a delicacy.

    Reproduction: Sexual. Females birth anywhere between 1-5 cubs. Pregnancy lasts 5-6 months.

    Size: Large. Adult Females are around lion size while Adult Males can reach Horse size.

    Weight: 850 lbs for a fully grown male. 625 for a fully grown female.

    Lifespan: 30-50 years.

    Abilities: Can be used as a mount once tamed. Can move up to 45 mph with a rider. Can easily see in the dark much better than normal creatures could. Sharp claws and teeth allow them to go right through hide and flesh with ease.

    Flaws: Sudden bright flashes of light will blind them for up to a minute. They do horrible in hotter environments such as deserts, most dying off quickly if they ever ended up in that location. Extreme fear of fire.

    Other: Surprisingly they are affected by catnip, albeit in very large amounts.
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