Genetic Trinitroto-Gastro Glands

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    Name: Trinitroto-Gastro Glands
    aka Nitro-Breath, or Pyromaniac's Tongue

    This augment appears as a set of glands, two primary ones of which are located in the upper chest, just under the sternum. These are supplemented by an expansion to the existing saliva glands of a user. Muscle tissues allow the primary glands to contract, which forces their contents to run up through specialized tubes that run up the neck and into the mouth.

    The generated explosive is an adhesive, red material with the consistency of playdough. This material slowly turns a light-orange over the course of two hours as it oxidizes.

    - Allows a user to excrete an explosive compound that they may press onto objects or structures, and then later detonated with kinetic force.
    - The explosive yield is roughly equal to that of TNT in equal mass.

    Conditional Abilities (Optional):
    - Not necessarily a limitation for practical reasons, this compound tends to react with acids. Rather, its explosive properties are neutralized when exposed to acidic fluids- as if immediately oxidized. This makes it surprisingly safe to swallow- or at the very least, not quite as dangerous as one would think. It is also non-toxic for those with the implant. It however, remains combustible.
    - Unused, oxidized samples of the compound are still pretty good for starting fires, as they're highly flammable.

    - Can only produce about a single kilogram of the material per day, and production requires that the user eat in an excess of calories for their otherwise normal diet. It additionally requires them to have a higher sulphur intake than what is considered normal.

    Conditional Limitations (Optional):
    - Open flames and extreme heat will cause premature detonation. If the compound is oxidized, it still readily burns like dry straw.
    - Getting clocked in the jaw while excreting the explosive compound is a fast way to lose your head.
    - Getting hit in the sternum or diaphragm in a way that would normally cause someone to be winded may cause accidental discharge. This also may occur in the case of CPR or similar.
    - Extensive use will dehydrate the user.
    - Can only make rough amounts, not precise measurements.

    How does it work:
    The two glands located within the user's chest contain two separate organic, chemical cocktails that when mixed together with saliva in a user's mouth, form something spectacular: A red, sticky compound able to be stuck onto surfaces with the help of a user's tongue. This material is adhesive; though particularly to smooth surfaces, while at the same time not sticking to the inside of the user's mouth.

    This compound, may then be molded onto objects, such as rocks, spears, arrows, a wall, you name it. This process must be taken with care of course, because it is highly volatile and prone to exploding if put under too much stress or sudden force. It however, unfortunately begins to oxidize from its own oxygen content after being mixed in the mouth, eventually turning a bright orange over the course of a few hours. At this point, it will either have already exploded, or is now rendered inert- yet still highly flammable.

    Flavor text:
    This augment was originally developed from the defense mechanism of a particular sea-slug native to Axolotia, which excreted a tacky material that coated barbs it was able to hydraulically fire. A particularly drastic adaptation, by any means.

    Various groups over the years have developed their own take on this technology, whether it be incorporated into Nas'Beru, assimilated by shifters, or grown in Fringer labs to offer as an implant for sale.

    Referenced Technologies (Optional): N/A

    Attainability: Open.

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