The Troisarc

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    =The Troisarc=


    Symbol of freedom, neutrality, and choice, the Troisarc has become synonymous with the Fringe and all it represents, as well as Spacer culture as a whole. This relationship is well deserved, as the Fringe is the birth-place of this emblem, its history drawing back on the days of the First Galactic War, when the early empires of what would become the United Coalition of Empires, or CivSpace, were brawling over claims to territory that had been conquered within the future home of the Fringe, brawls that would quickly become one of the bloodiest conflicts to ever be witnessed by the Milky Way.

    The first use of the troisarc isn't fully known, but it quickly arose as a means of declaring neutrality and thus absolvement from a ship battle, conflicts which were exceedingly common during the time of the War. The most widely accepted way to declare troisarc was by firing the main gun of one's ship in a quick succession of three shots, each meant to arc over the other without hitting any ships in the area. A common idiom that is shared as the reason for this symbol's origin is the Spacer saying; "If a man is to fire three times without hitting a single target, he either must not care, or he is so pathetic he might as well not be there.” Whether this idea came about after the use of the troisarc or before is unknown, but at this point the two are so intrinsically tied it matters little.

    During the time line of the war, the troisarc became more than just the unofficial declaration of neutrality, it was officially marked as a declaration by most of the warring empires at the time in mid-war treaties meant to codify a system of rules for fleet combat and battles meant to minimize sapient rights violations that were rampant at the time. The punishment for being found guilty of attacking a ship that had declared troisarc was harsh, but many privateers and Penguin mercenaries ignored these laws, unless of course they were in the company of their employers. It is often thought that these mid-war conventions on war conduct slowly shaped the path to what would eventually become the treaties that formed CivSpace and the Fringe at the end of the War. In that way, we can all thank the troisarc for its contributions to the creation of our modern galactic society. A living legend of frontiersmen and forging one's own destiny free from tyranny, the troisarc has evolved heavily from its humble origins as a means of declaring oneself as uninvolved in the all-too-common conflicts of the First Galactic War. During the yearly celebrations of the anniversary of the end of the War, many career Spacers and Naval Officers will fire off troisarcs into deep space, all around the galaxy, a constant testament to the value of freedom.
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