The Frogg Lore

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    The Froggs
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    Docile, gluttonous, and thoughtful, the Frogg are a race of towering amphibians with an appetite for both thought and food. Having evolved alongside the Hylotl, they originally threatened their prideful counterparts with their alarming numbers and powerful builds. After a great war, they fell into a simpler, servitory lifestyle as philosophers and scribes, adopting a new, hedonistic yet thoughtful culture endorsed by their new masters.

    Physical Description (Biology):
    Standing between seven to eight feet in height(2.1-2.4 meters) and weighing between, ideally, 270 pounds(122.47 kg) and, typically, four hundred or more pounds(181.43+ kg). Their stance follows the typical bipedal body structure found in many races across the galaxy. Their legs, however, deviate from this in borrowing a modified variety of their Earthly namesake’s formation. Due to this, they have incredibly large horizontal leaps. They can easily travel up to one-and-a-half times their height whilst standing. However, if they take a more animalistic stance with their chest to the floor, they can reach two or three times their height in jump distance.
    Evolving alongside the Hylotl, Froggs had at one point possessed a now-vestigial third eye. This was, however, re-purposed in them to be an organ of pure swallowing power, as the Frogg swallows by using its eyeballs as pistons to push down their meals. The remaining two eyes lack tear ducts and, as such, Froggs will periodically lick their eyes with their odd, projectile tongues to clean them and clear their vision.
    Froggs follow the same life-cycle as Hylotl for the majority of their life. They do, however, sexually mature at the age of nine. From there, a Frogg is only able to procreate until their mid-twenties, where they typically lose the ability altogether. During this time, the Frogg often practices a mating call in the form of croaking, to varying success. This often lingers into their adulthood as a habit. A healthy Frogg can typically reach around two hundred and twenty years of age, though a typical one will only reach one hundred and thirty before death from their unhealthy practices.

    Culture & Society:
    The modern Frogg’s culture is that of a simplistic and docile race. Often times, they fall into carnal pleasures and gluttony as a way to entertain themselves within their relatively simple existences. They engage often in drugs, television, junk food and other such minimal pleasures. Despite this typically hedonistic life, the Frogg remains oddly philosophical within their stuporous and lazy life- Having a solid, yet quiet grounding on what is what and taking no shit from those who might choose to start drama within their life. They are not afraid to tell others the simple and blunt truths of life if they feel they need to hear them.
    Alongside the Grey and Penguin, the Frogg can often make their way rather easily into the underbelly of galactic society. Within criminal bents, they are often used for their intense strength and intimidating bodies. This gives them an easy in to many gangs, and it is not hard for an enterprising and charismatic Frogg to think their way into the upper echelons of their organization. It isn’t uncommon to have Frogg mob bosses and corrupt bureaucrats at the head of vast operations.
    While their culture and upbringing does not often pay mind to physical fitness and believes in a simple, live-life-to-the-fullest philosophy and gluttonous practices to go with them, some stray against this and begin the paths to physical prowess- Utilizing their dense and powerful build to something actually worth-while.

    Early Frogg history is a clouded thing behind the shadow of what they are now- Often deliberately hidden by Hylotl ancestors who wished to cover up the rocky past of their families in the newer generations. What is known, however, is that they boasted at least some military power and a population sufficient to frighten the other residents of Kaiimaigoki at the time. This, it seemed, stirred on a great war between the two species- Hylotl and Frogg. Like the rest of their history, the war and its tactics are shrouded in mystery and misinformation- What little was written has since been irreparably ruined in one way or another.
    What is known, is that the Froggs lost. Merciful as they were, the Hylotl reasoned, they wouldn’t genocide their neighbors entirely. They had just needed to fix the breeding issue they had, and that odd resistance to their conquering forces they had someone kept alive despite defeat. And so the Hylotls encouraged a series of changes within their rivals- Through eugenics they had stunted their ability to reproduce to only a short window in their childhood, as well as forcing on them a lethargic and ‘heady’ life-style that saw them thinking too much to put up the sword, whilst producing great art and philosophy that the Hylotl themselves enjoyed.
    These changes drastically affected Frogg culture even down to the present day. It is these events that most believe to be the direct cause of the Frogg’s drastic obesity issues, as well as their sedentary and non-problematic nature as a whole.
    While still technically citizens of the Hylotl empire, the Floran-Hylotl war had done a great deal to normalize them into society by way of a much more ‘barbaric’ foe to face, and even prior to that they had been adjusted quite well in the day-to-day. Peculiarly, though aware of the history of their people, most Froggs harbor no ill-will to their conquerors.
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