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    Forum name: Cheffu

    Age: I'd prefer to DM it.

    Country/Timezone: EST

    Why do you want to be Staff?: Because I generally enjoy the community and wish to help it.

    What skills can you bring to the staff team?: Honest criticism towards things, event planning/assistance, active most days.

    What area(s) would you be most interested in helping assist with (if you have more than one preference, list in order of highest preference to lowest)?": Event planning, lore writing and then enforcement.

    Have you had prior experience moderating/staffing an online community?: Nope

    If so, where? What were your responsibilities?: None

    As staff, it is crucial to be visible to the public; on the Forums, through the Discord, and on the Server. Though it is not mandatory to be on these three all the time, do you agree to be as active as possible through these means?: Yes!

    For better interaction with our users on the Galaxy Citizen Discord server and to take full part in any voice meetings we may have in the Staff Discord, it is recommended that you use a good microphone. Do you possess a microphone (If you do not have a microphone, it will NOT affect your chances for being on Staff)?: Yes again!

    What do you like about this community?: I enjoy talking with people in the community because almost everyone is nice and I enjoy

    What areas would you like to receive help in should you become staff? GMing, story writing and writing apps.

    What are your weaknesses? I'm not the smartest person. I probably can't do app grading or anything related to tech. Enforcement is an issue as well. The reason for enforcement is that I may be biased towards certain people and would prefer to avoid that.

    Galaxy Citizen Character name(s): Lillian, Zelis and Kojin are the most notable ones. A few others.
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    Cheffy's assisted me with Vistriea's (W.I.P) lore, and as of writing is my main GM for literally everything on that planet. He's very good at writing, especially on the lore side of things. Also great with events.
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